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  • Listen for special marine warnings about waterspout sightings that are broadcast on NOAA Weather Radio.
  • Watch the sky for certain types of clouds. In the summer, with light winds, look for a possible waterspout underneath a line of cumulus clouds with dark, flat bases. Anytime of the year, a thunderstorm or line of thunderstorms, can produce very intense waterspouts.
  • If a waterspout is sighted, immediately head at a 90 degree angle form the apparent motion of the waterspout. Never try to navigate through a waterspout. Although waterspouts are usually weaker than tornadoes, they can still produce significant damage to you and your boat.


Waterspout picture Waterspout picture
Waterspout offshore Flagler Beach (June 30, 1999). Courtesy of Flagler County Emer. Mgmt.
Photo by Dr. Joseph Golden, NOAA.