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Cold Front Dropping South Across the Western U.S.; Watching Threat for Tornadoes and Flooding in the South

A cold front will push south across the Western U.S. into Tuesday with mountain snow and areas of gusty to high winds. An area of low pressure will form along this front on Tuesday and bring a potential for severe thunderstorms with tornadoes and excessive rainfall in the lower to mid Mississippi River Valley. To the north, heavy snow is possible in parts of the upper Midwest. Read More >

Jasper County IN Tornado September 4 2008


During the afternoon hours of Thursday September 4, the remnants of what was once Hurricane Gustav continued to move northeast passing over far southern Lake Michigan during the evening hours on September 4th. Several bands of rain moved through northeast Illinois and northwest Indiana with one band eventually producing small  areas of convective cells that moved through northern Jasper County Indiana.

One of these convective cells produced a tornado approximately 5 miles northwest of Wheatfield, IN near the Oak Heritage Estates. This tornado caused structural damage to one mobile home, and damage to multiple trees and corn fields. The damage track began southwest of the Heritage Estates near the intersection of North 450 West and Hawthorn Rd. where a 10 yard diameter wide area of corn stalks were completely flattened in a  convergent manner. Damage continued northeast from there where a roof was lifted off a mobile home and thrown into the yard. Also at this residence were two large trees that were completely uprooted. These were two of four trees that were uprooted by this tornado, with many trees having branches from their tops sheared off. Also, there was other debris scattered about, including kids toys and trash bins.

The tornado was on the ground for approximately 1/4 mile wth a maximum path width of 20 yards. The maximum winds with this tornado were estimated to be around 90 mph, which is consistent with EF-1 damage on the Enhanced Fujita scale


Tornado Location

Tornado Location. 


Damage Path

Damage path map.


Damage Pictures

Two of four trees in the Heritage estates that were uprooted by the tornado
Two of four trees in the Heritage estates that were uprooted by the tornado.


Another view of uprooted trees
Another view of uprooted trees.


Residence where two trees were uprooted and roof blown off of mobile home
Residence where two trees were uprooted and roof blown off of mobile home.


Multiple trees with sheared branches at the top
Multiple trees with sheared branches at the top.