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The late afternoon into the evening of Tuesday, February 28 brought a favorable setup for severe weather, including strong tornadoes across much of the Mid-Mississippi Valley and Lower Great Lakes regions.

Fast Facts:

  • There were seven tornadoes confirmed in the NWS Chicago County Warning Area (CWA), including one that started in the NWS Lincoln CWA (Washburn to Rutland).  Public Information Statement
  • In total, there were ten tornadoes confirmed across all of northern Illinois that includes three in the NWS Quad Cities CWA.
  • The strongest were two tornadoes rated EF-3 on the Enhanced Fujita Scale -- one impacting the communities of Naplate and Ottawa, and the other Washburn, both causing significant damage.
  • The Naplate to Ottawa tornado killed two persons and injured 14.
  • The largest hail reported in the area was in Ottawa, to the size of baseballs.
  • Tornadoes also impacted southern IL, MO, IA, IN, KY, and MI. See this regional map for more.

Storm Map
Storm Event Map

Naplate-Ottawa Storm

Tornado #1 (EF-0)

Tornado #2 (EF-3):

  • Naplate (LaSalle)
  • Ottawa (LaSalle)

Tornado #3 (EF-1)

  • Marseilles Area (LaSalle)

?Tornado #4 (EF-0)

Washburn-Rutland Storm

Tornado #5 (EF-3):

  • Washburn (Woodford): 
  • Rutland (LaSalle)

Tornado #6 (EF-2):

  • Near Long Point (LaSalle/Livingston)

For more on the Washburn area, please visit NWS Lincoln

Oregon Storm

Tornado #7 (EF-1):

  • Oregon (Ogle) 


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