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Effective April 15, 2020, flood impact categories will change for the Fox River at Montgomery, Illinois. These changes are the result of a review of flood impacts along the Fox River and were collaborated with partner agencies and stakeholders through a combination of email discussions, phone discussions, and in-person meetings.

Click here for the service change notice issued March 13, 2020, announcing these changes.


Fox River at Montgomery


Action Stage
Change from 12.5 feet to 13.0 feet

Minor Flood Stage
Change from 13.0 feet to 13.5 feet

Moderate Flood Stage

Change from 14.0 feet to 15.0 feet

Major Flood Stage
Change from 15.0 feet to 16.0 feet


River forecasts for this location will be issued when the water level has reached, or is expected to reach, action stage.

Click here for a list of flood impacts that was collected for this stretch of the Rock River.

These changes were coordinated with representatives  from the Kane County Office of Emergency Management, the Kendall County Emergency Management Agency, the Fox Waterway Agency, the village of Montgomery, the city of Aurora, the city of St. Charles, the city of Batavia, and the village of Oswego.


This gauge represents the river reach from Red Gate Road in St. Charles downstream to Millington.