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An Active Start to the Week

A slow moving and large-scale system will produce widespread rain and thunderstorms the next few days across the central and southern Plains into the Mid to Lower Mississippi Valley. Severe storms will be common across Texas through Tuesday before spreading eastward. The locally heavy rain will produce possible flooding and have a similar transition to the east through midweek. Read More >


General Information

Beginning Monday, May 9, 2022, the KLOT WSR-88D radar operated by the NOAA National Weather Service in Romeoville, IL, will be down for approximately two weeks as part of the Service Life Extension Program (SLEP).

During this downtime, adjacent radars that will continue to provide data over our area include: TORD (O'Hare Airport FAA Terminal Doppler Radar), TMDW (Midway Airport FAA Terminal Doppler Radar), TMKE (Milwaukee FAA Terminal Doppler Radar), KMKX (Milwaukee, WI), KDVN (Davenport/Quad Cities, IA), KILX (Lincoln, IL), KIWX (North Webster, IN), KIND (Indianapolis, IN).  For direct access to any of these surrounding radar sites, see the Surrounding Radars section below.    

Pedestal Details

During this outage, the radar's pedestal will be replaced.  The pedestal is a 16 foot tall, approximately 15,000 pound structure (pictured at right), that both supports and turns the large 28 foot diameter, 2,100 pound parabolic dish.  This will require the removal of the protective radar covering, entire parabolic dish, and pedestal.

Because the radar is spinning 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, the pedestal takes on a considerable amount of wear and tear.  Much like preventative maintenance for a car, the pedestal replacement will ensure the radar will continue functioning reliably for decades to come.


Image of the top half of the 16 foot tall, ~15,000 pound pedestal supporting the large 28 foot diameter radar dish. Image courtesy of the Radar Operations Center.




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