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Daily, Monthly, Seasonal, and Annual Climate Records and Rankings for Chicago, IL

This page displays daily, monthly, seasonal, and annual temperature, precipitation, and snowfall records and rankings for Chicago, IL. The period of record for Chicago dates back to 1871.

For reference, the record high temperatures displayed in the second column of the daily records table at the bottom of each monthly tab represent the warmest high temperatures ever recorded on each date, while the values indicated in the third column represent the coldest high temperatures ever recorded on each date. Columns 4 and 5 then list the records for minimum daily temperatures. Column 4 displays the warmest daily minimum temperatures ever recorded for each date, while column 5 lists the coldest low temperatures on record for each date. Finally, columns 6 and 7 display the highest daily precipitation and snowfall totals ever recorded for each date. The year in which each record was set is also listed.