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Congratulations to the Illinois Tollway for being recognized as StormReady!


Members of the Illinois Tollway and NWS Chicago recognizing the tollway as StormReady

Pictured from left to right are Illinois Tollway Board Chair Dorothy Abreu, Roadway Maintenance Manager Joe Dragovich, NWS Chicago Meteorologist Zachary Yack, NWS Chicago Warning Coordination Meteorologist Mike Bardou, General Manager of Roadway Maintenance Rohan Gayle, Chief of Maintenance and Traffic Darrion Robinson and Illinois Tollway Executive Director Cassaundra Rouse. (Photo credit to Illinois Tollway)


Being part of a Weather-Ready Nation is about preparing for increasing vulnerability to extreme weather and water events.  Some 98 percent of all Presidentially declared disasters are weather related, leading to around 500 deaths per year and nearly $15 billion in damage.  The StormReady program helps arm America’s communities with the communication and safety skills to save lives and property before, during and after the event.

StormReady communities, counties, Indian nations, universities and colleges, military bases, government sites, commercial enterprises and other groups are better prepared to protect lives from severe weather through advanced planning, education and awareness.  No community is storm proof, but StormReady can help communities save lives.

StormReady uses a grassroots approach to help agencies and communities develop plans to handle all types of extreme weather - from tornadoes to winter storms.  The program encourages agencies to take a new, proactive approach to improving local hazardous weather operations by providing emergency managers with clear-cut guidelines on how to improve their hazardous weather operations.

The StormReady program recognizes entities that establish exceptional severe weather preparedness plans and communications. Some of the requirements include:

  • Redundant methods of receiving severe weather warnings and forecasts

  • Redundant methods of disseminating warning information

  • Methods of monitoring local weather conditions

  • Promote the importance of readiness through internal and external outreach

  • Develop a formal hazardous weather operations plan

For more information about the Illinois Tollway and their StormReady recognition see the Illinois Tollway press release