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NWS Lubbock, along with the Science Spectrum and the Texas Tech University American Meteorological Society (AMS) Student Chapter, will host the annual 2021 Annual Severe Weather Awareness Day (SWAD) again this year. Due to ongoing COVID concerns, the event will be held virtually for schools only. We look forward to welcoming the public back next year.


If you are a teacher and would like to register your class for this event, please visit:


When thunder ROARS, GO INDOORS!!!  

NWS Lubbock created a short video for SWAD this year that includes information about what we do as meteorologists, how storms form, and how to stay safe from thunderstorm hazards. You can watch our video on YouTube at this link: 


At the end of our video, we mention a brochure that includes more information, as well as a printable family severe weather safety plan that you can put on your refrigerator! Click the link below to download the brochure:


Severe Weather Awareness Brochure and Family Safety Plan (PDF)


Still have questions about weather safety? Want to know more? Visit  to learn about everything from thunderstorms to heat to wind...even space weather!

Receiving a Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) on your phone.


Have you gotten an alert on your phone about a Tornado or Dust Storm Warning? Did you know what the alert was and where it came from? Learn more about Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEAs) by visiting 

Finally, knowing the rules of severe weather safety only gets you so far. You also need to be prepared before severe weather hits. helps learn how to prepare an emergency safety kit and expand your family safety plan.


Just for kids...with your parents permission, you can print out “Prepare with Pedro,” an activity book that teaches you about emergency preparedness with your friend, Pedro the Penguin!