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Thunderstorms and Flooding Along the Gulf Coast; Winter Returns in the Central Rockies

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Damage Photos from the '75 Omaha Tornado

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/images/oax/Archives/may1975/75dam11.jpg (82647 bytes)



Apartment buildings on the west side of 72nd street, south of Pacific

Westgate Elementary School

Bergan Mercy Hospital

Creighton Prep School (72nd and Western)





Lewis and Clark Junior High School Omaha Playhouse (left), Temple Israel (right) Nebraska Furniture Mart (looking east) U.S. Post Office south of Nebraska Furniture Mart (looking North)

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Destroyed Homes East of 72nd Street. Destroyed Homes in the Westgate Subdivision More Westgate Homes Destroyed Closeup of roof of Nebraska Furniture Mart




Westgate Subdivision by I80 92nd Circle and Berry St. 72nd and Seward



/images/oax/Archives/may1975/Downtowner.png (82058 bytes)


The United Methodist Church near 72nd and Cass

Warehouse buildings Behind the Nebraska Furniture Mart (looking west)

Downtowner Motor Inn Looking north off of Dodge

Close-up Photo of the Downtowner Motor Inn


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