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The year 2018 was noteworthy for the lack of spring and fall. Rare late season (April) and early season (November) snowfalls occurred. There were several severe weather events that impacted our region throughout the year including February 24th, April 3rd, May 31st, and June 28th. Our biggest river flooding event of the year occurred around March 1st, due to excessive rainfall amounts in February. The Ohio River at Evansville crested at its highest level since March 1997. Relentless heat and humidity occurred during the first half of the summer season, resulting in one of our most uncomfortable 4th of July's on record.

Top 10 Event Summaries for the Year 2018 (in chronological order). CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE

1. Back to back winter storms January 12 and January 15Winter 2016-17 climate summaries

Image: NWS Paducah Radar on January 15th

2. Feb. 24 Severe Weather/Flooding leading to River Flooding
and Wettest February on record in Evansville
Photo of tornado near Rockwood, IL

Image: Hopewell Church Rd in Lyon County KY via LaDonna Knoth

3. April 3 Severe Weather/Tornadoes (11 confirmed tornadoes)Damage in downtown Hickman, KY

Image: Tornado south of Essex Missouri via John Holt

4. The Year Without a Spring

Record Cold April / Rare April Snow Record Warm MayRadar image of April 26 storms

Image: NWS Paducah graphic showing lack of Spring

 5. May 31 Severe Weather (Tornadoes/Large Hail/Winds/Flooding)Photo of record flooding in Doniphan, MO on April 30

Image: Storm clouds and lightning bolt via Chris Conley

6. June 28 Derecho (60-75 mph winds)Photo of baseball hail near Piedmont, MO

Image: Impressive shelf cloud taken at NWS Paducah Office

7. Oppressive Heat and Humidity (June 29-July 5) 

Relentless humidity: Particularly June thru mid July     Satellite loop of eclipse shadow

Image: NWS Paducah graphic showing max daily heat index readings

8. Remnants of Hurricane Gordon produce heavy rainfall/floodingRainfall map for remnants of Harvey

Image: Rainfall totals from September 7-8 event

9. The Year with Two Seasons: Fall goes AWOL!Rainfall map for Fall, 2017

Image: Lack of highs in 60s & 70s for Evansville, IN

10. Rare Early Season Snow & Ice Event: November 14-15 Barn destroyed in Bremen, KY (NWS photo)

Image: Icing on tree in Owensboro via Zack Anderson