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Real Time Predominant P-type Nomogram Plots and
Partial Thickness Data

The data below is intended for use with the TREND technique which uses the Partial Thickness Predominant P-type Nomogram. A reference document which contains a thorough review of the TREND technique along with a discussion of the technique, how it is used, its limitations, along with a new method to visualize the nomogram is available at

The Predominant P-Type TRENDs Nomogram Visualizer is available to provide users an easy to use, interactive reference for use with the Predominant P-Type TRENDs Nomogram.

The Nomogram plots are in the process of being tested.

  The data provided should be used with caution.

Text and Graphical Plots of Nomogram and Partial Thickness Data for Fixed Locations

Observed thickness values from KGSO, KRNK, KMHX, KFFC, KWAL, and KIAD    Text product
Observed thickness values plotted on the Predominant P-Type TRENDs Nomogram    GSO  |   RNK  |   MHX  |   FFC  |   WAL  |   IAD  


Current GSO Observed
Current GSO Observed
GSO RAP Forecast
GSO NAM Forecast
GSO RUC Forecast GSO NAM Forecast
GSO GFS Forecast
GSO SREF Forecast
GSO GFS Forecast GSO SREF Forecast


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