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More Heavy Rain and Severe Thunderstorms Forecast for Central U.S. Wednesday Night into Thursday

Parts of Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri which saw 3+ inches of rain to begin this week are forecast to see potentially another inch or more Wednesday night as another front sets up over the area. Along with the heavy rain, severe thunderstorms will again be possible with large hail the main threat. Severe thunderstorms will then take aim on parts of the Southern Plains and Northeast Thursday. Read More >


  • (Vacant) - Meteorologist-in-Charge (MIC)
  • Nick Petro - Warning Coordination Meteorologist (WCM)
  • Jonathan Blaes - Science and Operations Officer (SOO)
  • J.L. Winger - Electronics System Analyst (ESA)
  • Dina Taylor - Administrative Support Assistant (ASA)

Program Leaders

  • Terry Click - Information Technology Officer (ITO)
  • Terry Hudgins - Observation Program Leader (OPL)
  • (Vacant) - Senior Service Hydrologist

Lead Meteorologists

  • Phil Badgett
  • Brian Haines [Bio]
  • Gail Hartfield
  • Brandon Locklear
  • Scott Sharp


  • Chrissy Cockrell [Bio]
  • James Danco [Bio]
  • Brandon Dunstan
  • Ryan Ellis
  • James Morrow [Bio]
  • Kathleen Pelczynski
  • Michael Strickler

Electronics Technicians

  • Blake Ellis
  • (Vacant)