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Wintry Mix in the Central Plains; Powerful Pacific Storm Approaching

A storm will track from the southern Plains to the Ohio Valley through Friday with showers and thunderstorms. On the northern edge, snow, ice, and/or a wintry mix is possible from the central Plains to the central Great Lakes. A significant Pacific storm with high winds, and heavier rain and snow will arrive late Friday through the weekend with impacts spreading across much of the West. Read More >

2021 Climate Summaries


Top 5 Events of 2021 (video presentations):


Number 5: Lack of Severe Thunderstorms Number 4: Heavy Snow / Avalanche Deaths in February
Number 3: Late July Monsoon Flooding Number 2: Fatal Fire near Clark, November 15-16th


And the number one event of 2021 was...

Number 1:  Casper Snowstorm, March 13th - 14th


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...Highlights of 2021...

  • Annual: Average temperature 3.6 degrees above normal in 2021. Precipitation was 1.02 inches below normal, or 89% of normal. Below average snowfall of 92%,  and just 3.5 inches below normal.
    • Average annual temperature 47.1 degrees which was the 2nd warmest year on 103 years of record (1918-2021).
    • 2021 precipitation total was 8.48 inches which was the 51st driest or 53 wettest year on 103 years of record (1918-2021).
    • 2021 snowfall total was 40.8 inches which was the 33rd snowiest year on 103 years of record. .
  • Seasonal:  The 2020-2021 Seasonal Snow total was 48.2 inches, the 20th snowiest season on record.
  • Monthly Temperatures: 2nd warmest June, 6th warmest July, 10th warmest September, 3rd warmest November, and 2nd warmest December.
  • Monthly Precipitation: 5th wettest March, 7th wettest August, and tied for 3rd driest November
  • Monthly Snowfall: 8th snowiest March and 10th snowiest April on record.

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...Highlights of 2021...

  • Annual:
    • 26th warmest year on record at 46.3 degrees, just 0.7 degrees above normal.
    • 17th wettest year with 14.52 inches, 119% of normal.
    • 7th snowiest year with 108.1 inches, 151% of normal.
    • Highest wind gust was 90 mph on March 29th.
  • Monthly Temperatures: 2nd coldest February on record. 4th warmest June (tie), 4th warmest November and 8th warmest December on record.
  • Monthly Precipitation: 1st wettest March,  8th driest May and 4th wettest October on record.
  • Monthly Snowfall: 1st snowiest March and 4th snowiest October on record. 

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...Highlights of 2021...

    • Annual - 5th warmest year at 47.4 degrees with 129 years of record (1892-2021). 
                      37th Wettest year on record with14.92 inches, 113% of normal precipitation.  
                      25th Least Snowiest year on record with 59 inches (67 percent of normal).  
                      The peak wind gust for the year was 79 mph which occurred on August 15th.

    • Monthly Temperature: 2nd warmest June, 7th warmest July, 10th warmest September, 3rd warmest November and 4th warmest December on record.
    • Monthly Precipitation: 10th driest January, 10th driest February, 9th wettest March and 3rd wettest October on record.
    • Monthly Snowfall: 10th least snowiest January and 8th least snowiest February on record.