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Areas of Severe Weather and Flash Flooding

The threat for severe weather and flash flooding continues in several spots across the country. An enhanced risk of severe storms is likely from KS to TX, w/ very large hail and damaging winds being the main concern, while a slight severe threat covers the Mid-Atlantic. Excessive rainfall w/ flooding remains possible from the southern Appalachians into the Mid-Atlantic and over the central Plains. Read More >

NWS Shreveport Cooperative Observer Program

"From its inception, the National Weather Service has relied heavily on cooperative weather observers for establishment and maintenance of the nation's climatic database. It follows that appointing, training, and keeping good observers is a very high priority."

What is the Cooperative Observer Program?

The National Weather Service (NWS) Cooperative Observer Program (Coop) is truly the Nation's weather and climate observing network of, by and for the people. More than 8,700 volunteers take observations on farms, in urban and suburban areas, National Parks, seashores, and mountaintops. The data are truly representative of where people live, work and play.

The Coop was formally created in 1890 under the Organic Act. Its mission is two-fold:

  • To provide observational meteorological data, usually consisting of daily maximum and minimum temperatures, snowfall, and 24-hour precipitation totals, required to define the climate of the United States and to help measure long-term climate changes
  • To provide observational meteorological data in near real-time to support forecast, warning and other public service programs of the NWS.

Coop observational data supports the NWS climate program and field operations. The program responsibilities include:

  • Selecting data sites
  • Recruiting, appointing and training of observers
  • Installing and maintaining equipment
  • Keeping station documentation observer payroll
  • Collecting data and its delivering it to users
  • Maintaining data quality control
  • Managing fiscal and human resources required to accomplish program objectives.

A cooperative station is a site where observations are taken or other services rendered by volunteers or contractors. Observers are not required to take any tests. Automatic observing stations are considered cooperative stations if their observed data are used for services which otherwise would be provided by cooperative observers. A cooperative station may be collocated with other types of observing stations such as standard observations stations, Flight Service Stations, etc. In these cases, that portion of the station observing program supporting the cooperative program's mission is treated and documented independently of the other observational and service programs.

Observers generally record temperature and precipitation daily and electronically send those reports daily to the NWS and the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC). Many cooperative observers provide additional hydrological or meteorological data, such as evaporation or soil temperatures. Data is transmitted via telephone, computer or, in special cases, by mail. Equipment used at NWS cooperative stations may be owned by the NWS, the observer, or by a company or other government agency, as long as it meets NWS equipment standards.

The first network of cooperative stations was set up as a result of an act of Congress in 1890 that established the Weather Bureau, but many Coop stations began operation long before that time. John Campanius Holm's weather records, taken without the benefit of instruments in 1644-45, were the earliest known observations in the United States. Subsequently many persons, including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin, maintained weather records. Thomas Jefferson maintained an almost unbroken record of weather observations between 1776 and 1816, and George Washington took his last observation just a few days before he died.

Two of the most prestigious awards given to Cooperative Weather Observers are named after Holm and Jefferson. Because of its many decades of relatively stable operation, high station density, and high proportion of rural locations, the Cooperative Network has been recognized as the most definitive source of information on U.S. climate trends for temperature and precipitation. Cooperative stations form the core of the U.S. Historical Network (HCN) and the U.S. Reference Climate Network.

Volunteer weather observers conscientiously contribute their time so that observations can provide the vital information needed. These data are invaluable in learning more about the floods, droughts, heat and cold waves affecting us all. The data are also used in agricultural planning and assessment, engineering, environmental-impact assessment, utilities planning, and litigation. Coop data plays a critical role in efforts to recognize and evaluate the extent of human impacts on climate from local to global scales.

Facts about the COOP Program
How to Become a Cooperative Observer

NWS Weather Forecast Offices (WFOs) staff at 121 locations nationwide recruit Cooperative Observers. Station locations are not selected by NWS Regional or National Headquarters.

The distribution of Cooperative Weather Stations is a function of need. Needs are defined by data users and considered within the context of constraints of limited federal resources.

The basic distribution of Cooperative stations in the network are governed by an 1953 Iowa State University study, which determined that a spacing of about one station every 25 miles (one per 625 square miles) was sufficient to adequately define the climate of the United States in areas of homogeneous terrain. Greater densities are allowed in areas with large differences in elevation, urban heat islands, steep land-sea-lake interfaces, etc.

Because the network is 110 years old (established in 1890), many areas already have the necessary stations operating; however, about 200 observers resign each year, about 4 per state. Additionally, changing requirements can expand the need for observers.

Becoming an NWS Cooperative observer volunteer requires the following:

  1. Dedication to public service
  2. Attention to detail
  3. Ability to learn and perform daily duties
  4. Willingness to allow NWS to place measuring instruments on your property
  5. Willingness to allow at least one visit per year from a NWS representative.

Additionally, the following capabilities are useful but are not mandatory:

  1. Ownership of a personal computer with modem and familiarity with its basic uses
  2. Established internet access.

If you are selected to become an official NWS Cooperative station, NWS will provide you with the training and supervision you will need to perform your duties. Depending on your station's instrumentation, your site will be visited once or twice every 12 months, more if unscheduled maintenance or training updates are required.

Generally, volunteer observers receive no pay. Sometimes, because of special circumstances, exceptions are made locally. Questions regarding monthly stipends can be answered by your local NWS representative.

If you are interested in becoming an NWS Cooperative observer for NWS-Shreveport, contact Observing Program Leader, Aaron Stevens

Latest COOP Daily Temperature and Rainfall Data
SHUS44 KSHV 181600
Substation Temperature and Precipitation Observations
National Weather Service Shreveport LA
1100 AM CDT Tue Jun 18 2019

NWS Coop             24 hour     Temp at    24 hour
Substation          High  Low    Ob Time     Precip
North Louisiana:
Blanchard 3W         80    66       69        0.00
Columbia Lock        87    69       73        0.00
Homer 1N             85    65       72        0.00
Minden               89    67       71        0.00
Mooringsport         84    66       71        0.02
Natchitoches #2      87    70       76        0.00
Red Rvr Research     87    74       78        0.00
S`port-Srn Hills     84    65       69        0.00

East Texas:
Atlanta              86    67       67        0.00
Carthage             87    67       81        0.00
Center               87    68       69        0.00
Hallsville           84    65        M        0.00
Henderson            85    66       70        0.00
Lake Fork            82    67       70        0.00
Mount Pleasant       84    65       66        0.00
Mount Vernon         81    65       67        0.00
Sam Rayburn Dam      89    72       80        0.00
Toledo Bend Dam      82    68       69        0.00
Tyler                86    67       67        0.48
Wright Patman Dam    82    68       77        0.00

Southwest Arkansas:
Ashdown              83    66       68        0.00
DeQueen              79    65       66        0.01
Hope 3NE             82    60       66        0.00
Lewisville           85    66       66        0.00
Magnolia             84    64       68        0.00
Nashville            84    66       68        0.00

Southeast Oklahoma:
Battiest             77    60       60           T

Daily agricultural observations, soil temperatures, class A
pan evaporation, and totalizing anemometer wind measurements

NWS Coop         Soil Temperature   Evaporation   Total
Substation      High  Low  Current                Winds
Lake Fork TX                            0.12
Red Rvr Rsch LA   M     M               0.26       17
Rayburn Dam TX                          0.12        4
Toledo Bend LA                          0.15
W. Patman Dam TX                        0.18        6



Latest COOP Rainfall Data
SRUS44 KSHV 181406
Miscellaneous Hydrologic Data Report
National Weather Service Shreveport LA
910 AM CDT Tue Jun 18 2019

Rainfall reports for the 24 hour period ending at 8 AM.

Northern Louisiana:
Station               Rainfall     Station  Rainfall
                    Sat.    Man.                       Sat.    Man.
                    Gage    Gage                       Gage    Gage
Arcadia                        M   Koran                          M
Ashland                        M   Logansport                     M
Bentley 3E          0.00           Many 9WSW                      M
Benton 5E                      M   Monroe-DCC                     M
Caddo Lake                  0.02   Monroe                      0.16
Caddo Lake #2          M           Natchitoches #2             0.00
Calhoun                        M   Natchitoches RAWS   0.00
Columbia Lock               0.00   Quitman                        M
Coushatta-Red Rvr.     M           Red River Lock 3       M
Gum Springs RAWS    0.03           Red River Lock 4       M
Hodges Gardens                 M   Red River Lock 5       M
Homer RAWS          0.00           Ruston-La Tech                 M
Homer 1N                    0.00   Sailes                         M
Jamestown                      M   Springhill 3E       0.00
Jena 4WSW                      M   Taylortown                  0.00
Keithville                     M   West Monroe                 0.00

Shreveport and Bossier City metropolitan area:
Barksdale AFB               0.00   Red River-Downtown     M
Black Bayou Lake               M   Shreveport AP               0.00
Downtown Airport            0.00   Southern Hills              0.00
Red River Research          0.00   Downtown-Barnwell              M
Univ. Terrace                  M

Southwest Arkansas:
Ashdown                     0.00   Felsenthal          0.00
Bluff City RAWS     0.00           Hope 3NE                    0.00
DeQueen                     0.01   Horatio                M
DeQueen Airport             0.00   Index-Red River     0.01
DeQueen Dam            M       M   Lewisville                     M
DeQueen 4W          0.01           Magnolia                    0.00
DeQueen 7E             M           Millwood Dam        0.00    0.00
Dierks                         M   Nashville                   0.00
Dierks 4SW             M           Newhope 6S                     M
Dierks Dam          0.00           Prescott                       M
El Dorado Airport           0.10   Texarkana Airport           0.00

East Texas:
Alto 8E             0.00           Longview                    0.00
Alto 5SW                       M   Longview #2                    M
Avery 5NNW                     M   Lufkin Airport              0.00
Caddo Lake RAWS     0.00           Lufkin #2                      M
Carthage                       M   Lufkin 5W RAWS         M
Center                      0.00   Marshall                       M
Chalk Hill                     M   Maud                           M
Chireno 3E          0.00           Mineola                        M
Clarksville 2NE                M   Mount Pleasant              0.00
Clarksville RAWS    0.00           Mount Vernon                0.00
Chapman Lake                0.00   Nacogdoches                    M
Dekalb 13NNW           M           Nacogdoches Airport         0.00
Diana 2W                       M   Neches 4NE          0.00
Diboll 4S              M           New Boston                     M
Gilmer RAWS         0.00           New Summerfield 2W             M
Hallsville 1W               0.00   Pineland                       M
Henderson                   0.00   Quitman                M
Henderson RAWS      0.00           Rockland            0.01
Henderson 6NW                  M   Rusk                           M
Jacksonville                0.00   Sabine RAWS-Dreka   0.00
Jacksonville 7E     0.00           San Augustine                  M
Jefferson                   0.00   San Augustine 10S      M
Jefferson 1N        0.00           Sulphur Bluff       0.00
Jefferson 3S        0.00           S Sabine Co. RAWS      M
Jonesville                  0.00   Talco 5NE           0.00
Lake Bob Sandlin       M           Talco 3S               M
Lake Sam Rayburn       M           Texarkana                      M
Lake Wright Patman     M           Texarkana RAWS      0.00
Linden                      0.00   Toledo Bend                 0.00
Linden RAWS         0.01           Tyler                       0.48
Longview Airport            0.00   Tyler Airport               0.00

Southeast Oklahoma:
Battiest                      T    Honobia             0.01
Broken Bow 1N                  M   Hugo Dam               M
Broken Bow Dam      0.01           Idabel 5NE          0.00
Broken Bow RAWS     0.01           Pine Creek Dam      0.01
Glover 1N              M           Smithville             M

Latest Local CoCoRaHS Reports
SXUS54 KSHV 181601

1100 AM CDT TUE JUN 18 2019


.B SHV 0618 C DH07/PP/SF/SD/SW
:                                               SNOW   SNOW  WATER
:                                        PCPN   FALL  DEPTH  EQUIV
LAOC16  : CALHOUN 4.3 SSE          *   : 0.51 /  MM /   MM /   MM
LAOC23  : MONROE 5.5 ENE           *   : 0.27 /  MM /   MM /   MM
LANT05  : GOLDONNA 1.5 N           *   : 0.26 /  MM /   MM /   MM
LAOC01  : SWARTZ 2.0 SSW           *   : 0.16 /  MM /   MM /   MM
LAOC05  : MONROE 2.4 WNW           *   : 0.15 /  MM /   MM /   MM
LAWR04  : MINDEN 2.2 NE            *   : 0.07 /  MM /   MM /   MM
LACW03  : COLUMBIA 4.1 NNW         *   : 0.06 /  MM /   MM /   MM
LALN08  : RUSTON 5.4 ENE           *   : 0.01 /  MM /   MM /   MM
LANT02  : NATCHITOCHES 0.9 NE      *   : 0.00 / 0.0 /  0.0 / 0.00
LACD01  : SHREVEPORT 6.2 S         *   : 0.00 /  MM /   MM /   MM
LACD04  : SHREVEPORT 5.3 SSE       *   : 0.00 / 0.0 /   MM /   MM
LACD19  : SHREVEPORT 6.7 S         *   : 0.00 /  MM /   MM /   MM
:                                               SNOW   SNOW  WATER
:                                        PCPN   FALL  DEPTH  EQUIV
ARML03  : TEXARKANA 5.3 SSW        *   : 0.00 / 0.0 /   MM /   MM
ARLF07  : LEWISVILLE 7.8 NNW       *   : 0.00 /  MM /   MM /   MM
:                                               SNOW   SNOW  WATER
:                                        PCPN   FALL  DEPTH  EQUIV
TXHRS12 : MARSHALL 9.7 SE          *   : 0.05 /  MM /   MM /   MM
TXHRS02 : HALLSVILLE 5.5 N         *   : 0.00 /  MM /   MM /   MM
TXHRS04 : WASKOM 4.4 S             *   : 0.00 / 0.0 /   MM /   MM
TXHRS14 : KARNACK 2.6 N            *   : 0.00 / 0.0 /   MM /   MM
TXWD02  : WINNSBORO 0.7 SSW        *   : 0.00 / 0.0 /   MM /   MM
TXWD04  : QUITMAN 6.9 N            *   : 0.00 /  MM /   MM /   MM
TXGG05  : LONGVIEW 3.4 NE          *   : 0.00 / 0.0 /   MM /   MM
TXGG07  : LONGVIEW 0.9 E           *   : 0.00 / 0.0 /   MM /   MM
TXRS04  : HENDERSON 6.9 WNW        *   : 0.00 / 0.0 /   MM /   MM
TXNC07  : NACOGDOCHES ARBOR OAK    *   : 0.00 / 0.0 /   MM /   MM
TXAG02  : ZAVALLA 2.0 ESE          *   : 0.00 /  MM /   MM /   MM
TXAG06  : LUFKIN 5.2 WNW           *   : 0.00 /  MM /   MM /   MM
:                                               SNOW   SNOW  WATER
:                                        PCPN   FALL  DEPTH  EQUIV
OKMN05  : IDABEL 2.3 SE            *   : 0.00 / 0.0 /   MM /   MM



"Over the years, a method of selecting and rewarding observers for excellence in observing, recording and reporting weather data has evolved into the Cooperative Weather Observer Awards Program."
Thomas Jefferson Award

This award was named in honor of Thomas Jefferson, our third president, who kept an almost unbroken series of weather records from 1776 to 1816. The Thomas Jefferson Award is the most prestigious award for the cooperative weather observer. Only five cooperatives weather observers are honored each year with the Jefferson Award for outstanding and distinctive achievements. All candidates for the award are required to have been a recipient of the Holm Award five or more years before the data the nomination form is submitted for the Jefferson Award.

Click here to see local Thomas Jefferson Award recipients from the Shreveport National Weather Service Office.

Thomas Jefferson Award
John Campanius Holm Award

This award was named in honor of John Campanius Holm, a Lutheran minister who was the first person recognized to have taken systematic weather observations in the American Colonies (1644-1645). Each year, twenty-five cooperative weather observers nationwide are honored with the John Campanius Holm Award for outstanding accomplishments in the field of cooperative weather observations.

Click here to see local Holm Award recipients from the Shreveport National Weather Service Office.

John Campanius Holm Award
Honored Institution Awards

Honored Institution Awards are given to cooperative observation institutions such as police departments, fire stations, paper mills, and universities where observations have been taken for a minimum of 25 years. During that period, different individual observers often take the weather observations. Awards can be granted at 25, 50, 75, and even 100 years.

Click here to see local Honored Institution Award recipients from the Shreveport National Weather Service Office.

Length of Service Awards

As with full-time employees, the NWS presents cooperative observers with length of service emblems every five years, starting at 10 to 50 years of service.

Click here to see local Length of Service Award recipients from the Shreveport National Weather Service Office.