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Cold Temperatures and Some Snow

A strong cold front and low pressure system will press from the Central U.S. through the East over the next couple of days. The impressive cold front will allow a cold air mass to settle in east of the Rockies and numerous record low temperatures are likely the next few days, especially Wednesday morning. A streak of snow is also expected from the central Plains to northern New England. Read More >

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You're all prepared for a fishing or water skiing trip on your favorite area lake that you’ve had marked on the calendar for weeks in advance. You’ve probably even checked the weather forecast and it calls for a sunny day with south winds near 10 mph. Are these really the kind of winds you can expect on the open area of a lake or reservoir? Being an avid fisherman, I cannot tell you how many times I have checked the wind forecast before venturing out on my favorite lake and found the winds to be stronger than what was forecast. Any lake recreationalist will probably tell you the same thing. Too often, this results in treacherous boating conditions on our local waterways which can turn that enjoyable planned outing into a dangerously unpredictable one.

During 2007, hourly wind observations were taken on various waterways across our region and were then compared to the closest airport wind observation for the same time. The results obtained from this study determined that there is an approximately 4 to 5 mph increase in sustained wind speeds on open bodies of water compared to the nearest airport. Keep in mind that this difference is over an open waterway and is not necessarily what one would find if they were boating in a protected pocket of the waterway or near wind protected structure such as a tree line, an island or point.

The National Weather Service in Shreveport now issues a Recreational Forecast for different area waterways across Southeast Oklahoma, Southwest Arkansas, Northeast Texas as well as Northwest Louisiana. Below is a clickable map of the different waterways across the four-state region. Simply click on waterway of interest to see the Recreation Forecast and a hydrograph of the waterway if one is available. As this is a new forecast product, we greatly value your input into ways to make this website more usuful. Please contact Mike Berry with any suggestions, comments or questions.


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Red River Area Forecast Map

Clickable Forecast Map of the Red River Region

Lakes of the Four State Region Forecast Map

Clickable Recreation Forecast Map

Wallace Lake

Broken Bow Lake Pine Creek Lake DeQueen Lake Millwood Lake Lake Wright Patman Gillham Lake Lake Cypress Springs. Lake Monticello and Lake Bob Sandlin Welsh Reservoir Lake Fork Reservoir Lake O' the Pines Caddo Lake Black Bayou Lake Lake Palestine Tyler Lakes Lake Cherokee Cross Lake Wallace Lake Lake Jacksonville Stryker Creek Lake Brandy Branch Lake Martin Creek Lake Lake Murvaul Lake Nacogdoches Sam Rayburn Reservoir Toledo Bend Reservoir Lake Erling Cyprus Bayou Reservoir Lake Bistineau Kepler Creek Lake Mill Creek Reservoir Lake Claiborne Corney Lake Bayou D'Arbonne Lake Lake Jack Lee Cheniere Lake Clear Lake, Black Lake and Saline Lake Nantachie Lake Lake Iatt Catahoula Lake The Red River at Index The Red River at Fulton The Red River at Springbank Ferry The Red River at Shreveport The Red River at Coushatta The Red River at Grand Ecore The Red River in DeSoto and Red River Parishes The Red River in extreme Northwest Louisiana The Red River in southern Natchitoches Parish and Grant Parish The Red River in northern Natchitoches Parish The Red River in extreme southwest Arkansas The Red River southwest Arkansas