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Rain Continues in Texas; Temperature Anomalies Continue

Showers and storms capable of producing localized flooding will persist across Texas through the weekend, with a focus of heavy rainfall along the middle and southern Texas coast. Heavy rain, at times, in central Texas will exacerbate ongoing flooding. Near record low daily high temperatures continue across the East and South, while the West remain warmer than average. Read More >

On May 14th, 2003, a tornado developed and tracked across McCurtain County in Southeast Oklahoma and into Bowie and Cass Counties in Northeast Texas. Officials from the National Weather Service confirmed F2 damage was sustained in McCurtain and Bowie Counties. Below is a summary of the findings from the damage survey.


F2 = 1
 #1 McCurtain County, OK Cass County, TX F2 None This tornado began in McCurtain County, OK. Numerous limbs were snapped or pushed over while several large corporate and private corn fields were ripped up. The only structure in the path of this tornado was located next to the Highway 259, which crosses the Red River into Bowie County. Other damage was observed southwest of Idabel in association with a strong microburst. Tornadic damage in McCurtain County was rated as F2.

In Bowie County, numerous trees and limbs were snapped or uprooted along the entire track. Several homes, mobile homes, barns, garages, and outbuildings were either damaged or destroyed. Some of the most significant damage was not associated with this tornado, but instead with a microburst southeast of Maud, TX. Wind speeds with the microburst were estimated at near 100 mph. Tornadic damage in Bowie County was rated as F2.

In Cass County, numerous small trees and limbs were snapped or uprooted. No homes or other structures were in the direct path of this tornado. Damage in Cass County was rated F0.
Tornado tracks in Southeast Oklahoma and Northeast Texas on May 14th, 2003
Tornado tracks in Southeast Oklahoma and
Northeast Texas on May 14th, 2003.


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