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Additional Heavy Rainfall for Florida; Severe Thunderstorms in the High Plains and the East on Friday

Continued heavy to excessive rainfall may bring considerable to locally catastrophic urban flooding through Friday across South Florida. Elsewhere across Florida, flash and urban flooding remains possible through Saturday. A slight risk of severe thunderstorms (Level 2 of 5) exists Friday in the central High Plains and from the Mid-Atlantic to southern New England. Read More >

Officials from the National Weather Service in Shreveport conducted a storm survey for tornadoes in Claiborne Parish, LA, and into Union County, AR, on February 12, 2005.

A nearly continuous path of damage was noted from where the tornado entered the county in the town of Junction City on the Louisiana/Arkansas state line until it ended three miles northeast of the community of Lawson in eastern Union County. The storm left a trail of thousands of downed and broken trees along with numerous homes and other structures heavily damaged or completely destroyed along its 24-mile track across the southern portions of the county. The storms also resulted in two fatalities and thirteen injuries requiring hospitalization or medical attention. This tornado was rated F3.

Another tornado occurred across southwest and central portions of Claiborne Parish. A dozen injuries were reported with this tornado, one of them serious. This tornado was rated F2.


F2 = 1
F3 = 1
 #1 E of Langston, Claiborne Parish, LA North side of Lake Claiborne, Claiborne Parish, LA F2 113 to 157 mph 15 miles/
250 yards
12 injuries This tornado began east of Langston, LA. A total of two to three dozen homes were damaged. Trees were blown over and snapped off where the tornado began. The tornado tracked northeast and caused low-end F2 damage by destroying a mobile home along Harris Road. Minor to moderate roof damage occurred at Moreland Road and Simpson Loop about 3.5 miles south of Homer. The tornado continued to the northeast one mile to Powell Road where a mobile was destroyed. Other minor roof damage occurred to a few homes. This was about 1.5 miles south of Homer.

The tornado continued northeast past the Louisiana Hill Experiment Station where threes were snapped off and blown down. Several homes were damaged on the south side and north side of lake Claiborne. Ten to twenty homes were damaged in this area. One home had the roof blown off just south of the airport and 4 homes were blown apart on the north shore of Lake Claiborne. Numerous trees were snapped off and blown down.
 #2 Junction City, Claiborne Parish, LA 3 miles NE of Lawson, Union County, AR EF3 158 to 206 mph 24 miles/
0.5 miles
2 fatalities/
13 injuries
This tornado began near Junction City in Claiborne Parish, LA. Thousands of trees were downed and broken as it moved northeast. Numerous homes and structures were damaged. The tornado was at its greatest intensity in rural areas about 8 miles south of El Dorado, AR, as it moved through homes and farms in the vicinity of Tatum Road and Rushwood Road. This is where the fatalities and injuries occurred. Several vehicles, including a school bus, were thrown and overturned. An area of trees were leveled as if clear cut.

A number of homes and the fire station were heavily damaged in the community of Lawson, AR.
Tornado damage map
Map of the tornado paths in Claiborne Parish and Union County.
Reflectivity image of the Union County tornado
Radar reflectivity image of the Union County tornado.
Velocity image of the Union County tornado
Radar velocity image of the Union County tornado.
Major damage on Tatum Road near Junction City
Major damage on Tatum Road near Junction City where one fatality occurred.
Damaged fire station in Lawson, AR
The fire station in Lawson, AR, was heavily damaged.
Major damage to a home near Lake Claiborne
Major damage to a home near Lake Claiborne.
Destroyed mobile home and overturned vehicle south of El Dorado, AR
A mobile home was lifted of its blocks (foreground). The mobile home was destroyed, and the debris, along with an overturned vehicle, was found in the trees in the background. This damage was located south of El Dorado, AR, between Hwy 167 and Hwy 7 on Tatum Road.
Home destroyed south of El Dorado, AR
A home destroyed by the tornado south of El Dorado, AR, just east of Hwy 7 on Rushwood Road.
House destroyed south of El Dorado, AR.
A house destroyed south of El Dorado, AR, in the Patterson Loop Area.
School bus overturned in the Patterson Loop area
A school bus overturned by the tornado in the Patterson Loop area.
Mobile home damaged in Claiborne Parish.
A mobile home damaged in Claiborne Parish.
House damaged in Claiborne Parish
A house damaged in Claiborne Parish.
Mobile home destroyed south of Homer, LA
Mobile home destroyed south of Homer, LA. A person in this home was seriously injured with 4 broken ribs and a punctured lung.
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