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Severe Thunderstorms in Northwest Texas; Critical Fire Weather Concerns in Colorado and Guam

Isolated strong to severe thunderstorms capable of producing large hail and damaging winds will be possible through Tuesday evening across northwest Texas. The combination of dry conditions and gusty winds have led to elevated to critical fire weather concerns across southern Colorado and Guam. Read More >

The National Weather Service conducted a survey of damage that occurred in Bowie County near Leary on April 10th, 2008, and found that an EF2 tornado occurred with winds of 115 to 125 mph. The tornado was on the ground for approximately five miles from 8:12am to 8:14am.


EF2 = 1
#1 Near Leary, Bowie County, TX EF2 115-125 mph 8:12am CDT 8:14am CDT 5 miles/
1 injury Most of the damage north of Interstate 30 was consistent with EF0 and EF1 winds. However, south of Interstate 30 between Hwy 82 and Interstate 30, some structures showed EF2 damage.

In particular, the cinder block and brick lawnmower business just north of Hwy 82 was completely destroyed with roofing debris and lawnmower parts thrown to the west and north of the building location. A brick home several hundred yards from the lawnmower business sustained significant damage to its roof and exterior walls. A metal shop building built with large metal I-beams was completely destroyed. I-beams were twisted and thrown in a northerly and westerly direction up to 200 yards from the building location with concrete still attached. The trees between the large metal building and the interstate were uprooted or snapped in a convergent pattern, which is indicative of tornadic winds.

In total, twelve structures were damaged or destroyed between Hwy 82 and the interstate and numerous trees were destroyed. Three tractor trailers were flipped on Interstate 30 shutting down part of the interstate and injuring one person.

Farther south of Hwy 82 on the Lone Star Army Ammunition Depot, numerous trees were snapped or uprooted and damage to parts of the depot were reported, although it was not surveyed. North of Interstate 30 along the service road, an outbuilding sales business lost several buildings and had many others damaged, including one that was displaced a quarter mile to the northeast along FM 2253, numerous trees were snapped and uprooted on either side of the road and several sheds and barns were damaged or destroyed. A green house was severely damaged near the end of the track 1.8 miles north of Interstate 30, and a couple of trees were uprooted or snapped. Some homes were also damaged from falling trees.
Radar loop
Radar animation of the Leary, TX, tornado on April 10th, 2008. The tornado appears to have formed along the left-front entrance of a rear-flank downdraft between the 1312z and 1317z radar scans.
Tornado track map
A map of the damage track. The only EF2 damage occurred between Interstate 30 south to Hwy 82, which is less than a half mile. Click on the image to enlarge.
Significant damage to a brick house
A brick house that sustained significant damage.
Lawnmower shop completely destroyed
The lawnmower shop just north of Hwy 82 was completely destroyed. The walls were made of brick and cinder blocks, and the wood frame roof was strewn for about a hundred yards.
Tornado damage
Approximately 12 buildings including 5 homes were damaged between Interstate 30 and Hwy 82. Several outbuildings were completely destroyed.
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