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Rain and Ongoing Flood Concerns in Texas

Pockets of moderate to heavy rain will persist in Texas and possibly extend into the weekend. Gulf of Mexico moisture continues to overrun a stationary front to produce waves of precipitation. The most vulnerable location is the saturated Hill Country in central Texas. A secondary area of heavy rainfall is also expected along the southern and central Texas Gulf Coast. Read More >



EF1 = 2
#1 NE of Henderson, Rusk County, TX Near Church Hill, Rusk County, TX EF1 90-100 mph 11:21am CDT 11:26am CDT 5.5 miles/
100 yards
None This tornado began along Hwy 43. A 24-foot by 24-foot metal building was completely destroyed and minor damage occurred to a house owned by the owner of a construction company. Numerous trees were snapped and uprooted along the path, which ended along FM 1251. A hay barn was partially destroyed and several trees were uprooted and snapped around a home along FM 1251 in the Church Hill area. The tornado lifted before reaching CR 328.
#2 SW of Beckville, Panola County, TX NE of Carthage, Panola County, TX EF1 95-105 mph ? 12:03pm CDT 5 miles/
200 yards
None This tornado began along CR 241 and moved southeastward along CR 224. Numerous homes were damaged mainly from falling trees. In particular, a manufactured home had its entire roof peeled and strewn into a field east of the home. A cabin 300 yards east of that home had its entire roof lifted off the wooden frame and thrown into the tree line adjacent to the structure. Numerous large trees, both hardwood and softwood, were snapped and or uprooted along the path, which ended along CR 224. Several trees were uprooted or snapped onto homes along CR 241 and CR 248.
Tornado northeast of Henderson, TX
Photo of the tornado northeast of Henderson, TX.
Trees uprooted east of Henderson, TX
Two trees that were uprooted from the tornado in front of a house east of Henderson.
Metal building destroyed by the tornado in Rusk County
A  metal building torn to shreds from the tornado near where it first touched down in Rusk County.
Roof damage to a home in Panola County
A manufactured home that sustained significant roof damage in Panola County.
Roof damage to a home
The EF1 tornado path across a field and pond. In the background, there is a home with a roof peeled back.
Click here to download the survey KMZ file.
This survey data is preliminary and subject to change as more information becomes available.  Road accessibility and inconsistencies between mapping and GPS software may limit the accuracy of the tracks plotted on this map. Line widths are not representative of actual tornado widths.  The information plotted on this map is intended for general reference use only.

For official post-storm information, use 
Storm Data from the National Centers for Environmental Information.
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