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Heavy Rainfall in South Texas and Hawaii; Below Average Temperatures for Much of the East

Heavy rainfall is expected in extreme southern Texas and parts of the Hawaiian Islands into Monday. Flash-flood watches are effect for both areas. Temperatures from the Great Lakes to the southern Plains and through much of the eastern U.S. are expected to be below to well below average. Air stagnation concerns are likely across interior portions of the Northwest through Monday. Read More >



EF0 = 1
#1  Near Bullard, TX EF0 90 mph 0.5 mile/
40 yards
This tornado began near the intersection of FM 344 and Hwy 69 just east of Bullard, TX, near the Smith/Cherokee County line. The tornado descended just as it was crossing Hwy 69, and snapped a few trees in a section of woods near the intersection of the two roads. The tornado traveled northeast along FM 344 about a third of amile from the intersection and toppled a tree along the side of the road. The tornado lifted near the intersection of FM 344 and Inwood Drive.
Radar loop of the tornadic thunderstorm
Radar imagery of the tornadic thunderstorm as it passed just east of Bullard, TX.
Tree toppled by the tornado
A tree toppled by the tornado.
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This survey data is preliminary and subject to change as more information becomes available.  Road accessibility and inconsistencies between mapping and GPS software may limit the accuracy of the tracks plotted on this map. Line widths are not representative of actual tornado widths.  The information plotted on this map is intended for general reference use only.

For official post-storm information, use 
Storm Data from the National Centers for Environmental Information.
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