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Additional Heavy Rain in the Southwest into Sodden Texas, Spreading East This Week

An upper trough tapping into tropical moisture will continue producing locally heavy rain from the Southwest and Four Corners into Texas. Willa remnants deepen across Texas on Wednesday forming into a coastal low that is forecast to move slowly eastward into the Florida Panhandle later this week. Meanwhile, a system in the Northeast may produce several inches of snow across portions of Maine. Read More >

A powerful storm system moved across Northern Louisiana on Tuesday, December 9th, 2008. Two tornadoes were confirmed in La Salle and Webster Parishes. The National Weather Service would like to thank residents in the area for their assistance with the damage surveys. Special thanks go to the La Salle Parish Director of Homeland Security and to the staff at RMS LLC for their assistance.


EF1 = 1
EF2 = 1
#1 W of Pineview, La Salle Parish, LA Caldwell Parish, LA EF2 A funnel cloud was first observed just west of Pineview by staff members from the local hospital. Shortly afterward, the tornado touched down near Industrial Road and snapped or uprooted several trees.

The tornado traveled northeast to Hwy 127. Several modular homes were completely destroyed. One man received minor injuries as he was temporarily trapped in his home after the storm struck. Two brick homes in the immediate area suffered severe roof damage. Several 2- to 3-foot thick trees were snapped or uprooted and carried up to 50 yards. The tornado was at its widest point here, about 300 yards.

The tornado then proceeded to Wilburn Road. Several 12- to 18-inch diameter trees were snapped in this heavily wooded area. One 2- to 3-foot diameter tree was uprooted.

The storm continued northeast, crossing Industrial Road 8. A few 8- to 12-inch diameter trees were snapped.

In northern La Salle Parish, the storm crossed Boneyard Road just south of Hwy 124. A few 8- to 12-inch diameter trees were snapped. The top of one tree landed on power-lines along the road.

The tornado lifted as it proceeded northeast into Caldwell Parish. No additional damage was observed.
 #2 Webster Parish, LA Webster Parish, LA EF1 The 50-yard wide tornado touched down at approximately 10:30am CST, one quarter mile southwest of the intersection of Goodwill Road and Parish Road 117. The storm moved northeast and lifted in a forested area approximately two-tenths of a mile from its start point.

Several outbuildings were damaged by the tornado. In addition, the storm damaged several homes, peeling the siding from one house and destroying the roofs of several others. Numerous large oak trees were also snapped or twisted as the tornado moved along its path.
Radar loop of the La Salle Parish storm
Radar imagery of the tornadic thunderstorm as it passed from southwest to northeast through La Salle Parish. Imagery on the left is of storm. Imagery on the right is of storm relative motion, which indicates rotation where the reds and greens meet.
Radar loop of the Webster Parish storm
Radar imagery of the tornadic thunderstorm as it passed through Webster Parish. Imagery on the left is of storm reflectivity, with deep red indicating the more intense activity. Imagery on the right is of storm relative motion, which indicates rotation where the reds and greens meet.
Destroyed homes in La Salle Parish
Several homes were completely destroyed by an EF2 tornado in La Salle Parish.
Destroyed home in La Salle Parish
What used to be a home and a tree line has been completely wiped away by an EF2 tornado.
Roof and tree damage from the tornado
Roofing from this brick home was blown into nearby woods and two large trees were uprooted.
Downed trees in La Salle Parish
Several trees were snapped or uprooted on Wilburn Road in La Salle Parish.
Snapped trees in La Salle Parish
The top of a snapped tree takes down power lines on Boneyard Road in northern La Salle Parish.
NWS staff member surveying tornado damage near Dixie Inn
A National Weather Service staff member surveys damage caused by a tornado in Webster Parish near Dixie Inn.
Damage to a home in Webster Parish
A brick home suffered severe roof damage during a tornado in Webster Parish near Dixie Inn.
Tornado damage
Several buildings were damaged and several trees were snapped during the storm.
Tornado damage
This home suffered extensive damage. In addition, several large trees were snapped or uprooted.
Click here to download the survey KMZ file.
This survey data is preliminary and subject to change as more information becomes available.  Road accessibility and inconsistencies between mapping and GPS software may limit the accuracy of the tracks plotted on this map. Line widths are not representative of actual tornado widths.  The information plotted on this map is intended for general reference use only.

For official post-storm information, use 
Storm Data from the National Centers for Environmental Information.
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