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Rain and Ongoing Flood Concerns in Texas

Pockets of moderate to heavy rain will persist in Texas and possibly extend into the weekend. Gulf of Mexico moisture continues to overrun a stationary front to produce waves of precipitation. The most vulnerable location is the saturated Hill Country in central Texas. A secondary area of heavy rainfall is also expected along the southern and central Texas Gulf Coast. Read More >

May 25, 2011, marked the end of another tornado outbreak across the Central United States. Fortunately, there were only a few reported tornadoes in the four state region. Two tornadoes touched down in Farmerville LA within 15 minutes of each other. Other reports of trees down and up to golf ball-sized hail were reported across north LA including the Natchitoches LA area later in the evening between 9 and 10 pm.


EF0 = 1
EF1 = 1
#1  1 miles S of Farmerville, Union Parish, LA EF0 70-75 mph 7:58pm CDT 8:10pm CDT 6.5 miles/
150 yards
None The tornado began over Bayou D'Arbonne per eyewitness accounts as a rain-wrapped tornado. The tornado tracked east crossing Terral Island Road snapping numerous tree branches. It continued east primarily damaging trees southeast of Farmerville. The tornado traveled along Highway 2 east of Farmerville snapping a few trees and large limbs before lifting near the intersection of Highway 2 and Joe Rodgers Road.
 #2 2 miles W of Farmerville, Union Parish, LA EF1 85-90 mph 8:20pm CDT 8:28pm CDT 6 miles/
400 yards

This tornado began west of Farmerville south of Hwy 2 snapping numerous trees in a neighborhood along Bayou D'Arbonne. The tornado continued east along Hwy 2 snapping trees and power lines, eventually crossing the highway near Selig Street, moving across the north side of Farmerville. The tornado crossed Marion Hwy near Old Carr Road snapping numerous trees and power lines and continued northeast crossing Tech Drive where several trees were downed onto homes. A few homes received significant damage. The tornado continued northeast along Hudson Road snapping a few trees and eventually lifted west of John Edwards Road.

Minor damage also occurred to the high school football stadium and to the roof of the elementary school. Much of the town of Farmerville was without power for more than 24 hours, including the hospital which ran on generators for more than 24 hours.

Radar image of the supercell approaching Farmerville
Radar image taken from 7:49pm showing the first supercell approaching Farmerville.
Damage to a home caused by falling trees northeast of Farmerville.
Damage to a home caused by falling trees northeast of Farmerville.
Damage to a home caused by falling trees northeast of Farmerville.
Damage to a home caused by falling trees northeast of Farmerville.
Trees downed across Highway 2
These trees fell across Highway 2 blocking the highway for part of the night.
One of the supercells as seen from Shreveport
A photo of one of the supercell thunderstorms developing east of Shreveport.



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