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A strong storm system affected the Four State Region beginning during the late evening hours of January 24, 2012, before exiting the area during the evening hours of January 25, 2012. A strong cold front and surface low pressure approached the region during the morning of January 25. The slow-moving system produced widespread heavy rain across much of the area that has helped to ease drought conditions somewhat. The heaviest rain fell across portions of extreme northeast Texas and southeast Oklahoma where rainfall amounts of up to 4" were reported.  Farther south, a line of strong to severe thunderstorms developed and affected much of east Texas and northwest/north central Louisiana south of Interstate 20. There were a few reports of damaging straight-line winds. However, a few storms produced tornadoes across Deep East Texas and west central Louisiana. Storm surveys were conducted on January 26 to evaluate the damage that occurred. The report is presented in chronological order.


EF0 = 2
EF1 = 1
#1  Mount Enterprise, Rusk County, TX EF1 85-95 mph 10:32am CST 10:34am CST 1.5 miles/
175 yards
1 injury This tornado touched down just southwest of town along CR 3207 south of Gatlin Cemetery Road where several large trees were snapped and uprooted. One large tree fell onto a house causing significant roof damage. The tornado continued east-northeast paralleling Henderson Street where a carport was torn off a house with some of the debris striking and injuring a person standing outside the home. Several other trees were snapped and uprooted along Henderson Street and CR 3204. The tornado crossed Highway 259 where a portion of a roof was blown off a small retail building and across the street into the parking lot of a gas station and fast food restaurant. The tornado continued east-northeast along Angelina Street uprooting and snapping trees as well as blowing shingles off of houses.  The tornado crossed Highway 84 west of CR 3198 and lifted just west of CR 3195.
#2 11 miles NE of Mount Enterprise, Panola County, TX EF0 65-75 mph 10:47am CST 10:56am CST 6.5miles/
100 yards
None This tornado touched down along Highway 315 approximately 11 miles northeast of Mount Enterprise, TX, where a few trees were snapped.  The tornado continued east-northeast crossing CR 164 where several trees were snapped or uprooted, including one next to a home and another across CR 164 from the home. The tornado continued northeast from Rusk County into Panola County and crossed CR 163 where several more trees were snapped and uprooted. The tornado lifted before reaching CR 160. 
#3 Near Peason, Sabine Parish, LA EF0 65-75 mph 2:05pm CST 2:30pm CST 2.3 miles/
150 yards
None This tornado touched down in Sabine Parish northwest of Peason near the intersection of Bridges Road and Highway 118. The tornado tracked southeast, generally parallel to Highway 118. Damage consisted mostly of numerous tree branches being snapped.  Near the intersection of Highway 118 and Peason Road, several outbuildings suffered roof damage. Two chicken houses had portions of their metal roofs completely removed and other sections had the metal peeled back. The owner of the property reported that he heard the tornado. The tornado continued southeast causing sporadic tree damage before lifting along Highway 118 near the Sabine/Natchitoches Parish Line. 

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