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A strong upper level storm system and cold front brought severe weather to much of the Four State Region on October 13, 2014. Thunderstorms initially developed across Southern Oklahoma southward into Central Texas. These storms formed a Quasi-Linear Convective System (QLCS), sometimes also called a squall line, that swept across the region. Damaging winds were reported all along the line throughout its trek across the area. In addition, embedded supercells developed within the line. Reports of damage from possible tornadoes were received from Franklin County in Texas, Little River County in Arkansas, and De Soto and Ouachita Parishes in Louisiana.

Damage survey teams from the National Weather Service office in Shreveport were deployed to investigate the damage. As of 10:30pm CDT on October 21, 2014, the surveys have been completed and all tornadoes have been assigned ratings. Survey results are listed in the below table in chronological order. This information should be considered preliminary and will be updated as it becomes available.


EF0 = 1
EF1 = 3
EF2 = 2
  Millwood Lake, Howard County, AR Near Saratoga, Howard County AR Straight-line
80-90 mph 1:45am CDT 2:00am CDT N/A None A survey team has concluded that damage is this area is consistent with that of straight line thunderstorm winds near 80-90mph. The damage consisted of numerous trees snapped and/or uprooted near the shore of Millwood Lake with the damage oriented in a northeast direction towards the community of Saratoga. Some structures also suffered minor to moderate damage, mainly from fallen trees.

Other sporadic straight-line wind damage was in Hempstead County near the intersection of State Highways 73 and 195.
  Mount Vernon, Franklin County, TX N/A Downburst 70-80 mph 4:25am CDT 4:29am CDT 0.1 miles/
50 yards
None A downburst produced strong straight-line winds estimated at around 70-80 mph across the south side of Mount Vernon, TX. There was significant loss of a roof and a partial collapse of the exterior walls of a poorly constructed small business. A nearby bank also experienced minor roof damage.
  Center, Shelby County, TX N/A Straight-line winds 70 mph 4:30am CDT N/A N/A N/A Damage in Center was consistent with that of straight-line wind gusts near 70 mph. Scattered trees were down mainly on the west side of Center, and five homes suffered moderate to major damage from uprooted and/or snapped trees. The damage was mostly concentrated in a small subdivision off of FM 138 and Highway 96.
#1 6.5 miles NW of Gilmer, Upshur County, TX 3.5 miles N of Gilmer, Upshur County, TX EF1 95-105 mph 4:52am CDT 5:00am CDT 6 miles/275 yards None An EF1 tornado touched down just south of Farm-to-Market Road 852 near its intersection with Bison Road. The tornado moved east crossing FM 852 and passing along Armadillo Road north of Lake Gilmer and then crossing Cherokee Trace. The tornado snapped and uprooted numerous trees along its path. Some homes sustained significant damage due to fallen trees. Several barns had substantial damage. One horse had significant injuries while a rancher lost two cows as trees fell on them. The tornado lifted near the intersection of Highway 271 and Antelope Road.
#2 9 miles W of Ashdown, Little River County, AR 7 miles W of Ashdown, Little River County, AR EF2 120-130 mph 5:37am CDT 5:42am CDT 2.3 miles/
400 yards
1 fatality/
4 injuries
This tornado touched down just south of Highway 32 west of Ashdown, AR, where it snapped and uprooted numerous trees. The tornadoes moved northeast and produced EF2 damage where it completely destroyed a mobile home with 5 family members inside. A 33-year old man was killed, and a 34-year old woman was critically injured after being thrown from the mobile home. Three children were injured when they were trapped by debris. The tornado also damaged another nearby mobile home as it quickly moved northeast before lifting as it cross County Road 16.
#3 5 miles WSW of Wilton, Little River County, AR 5 miles WSW of Little River County, AR EF0 65-75 mph 5:43am CDT 5:44am CDT 0.1 miles/
50 yards
None This tornado briefly touched down just south of County Road 108 where it snapped a number of trees and destroyed a poorly constructed barn.
#4 4.5 miles S of Mansfield, De Soto Parish, LA 4.5 miles SSE of Mansfield, De Soto Parish, LA EF1 95-105 mph 9:00am CDT 9:02am CDT 0.9 miles/200 yards None An embedded supercell developed within a squall line and produced an EF1 tornado. This tornado touched down just east of U.S. Highway 171 and moved eastward lifting at the intersection of Louisiana State Highway 513 and Oxford Cutoff Road. Damage mainly consisted of uprooted and snapped trees.
#5 9 miles SW of West Monroe, Ouachita Parish, LA 8 miles SW of West Monroe, Ouachita Parish, LA EF1 90-100 mph 11:11am CDT 11:13am CDT 0.8 miles/225 yards None An EF1 tornado touched down along Caples Road near the intersection of the western branch of Murry Circle. Numerous trees were snapped as the tornado crossed eastern Murry Circle and Gardner Road. Several homes on Murry Circle and Gardner Road sustained damage from falling trees. The tornado lifted as it moved across the southwest side of Cheniere Lake.
#6 Near Claiborne, Ouachita Parish, LA Monroe, Ouachita Parish, LA EF2 125 mph 11:16am CDT 11:27am CDT TBD/9 miles None An embedded supercell developed within a squall line and produced a tornado in North Central Ouachita Parish shortly after 11am CDT. The tornado initially uprooted and snapped large trees as it moved along a path ENE towards the city of West Monroe. Roof damage was observed to many homes and businesses in West Monroe.

The tornado crossed Interstate 20 near Thomas Road where many business signs and electricity poles were damaged or blown down. Considerable EF2 damage was observed to a 100-foot tall television transmission tower near Parkwood Drive. The tornado continued ENE into the heart of West Monroe where numerous homes and vehicles were damaged. West Monroe High School was in the direct path of the tornado and received significant roof damage to a number of its buildings.

The tornado crossed the Ouachita River just north of the Louisville Avenue Bridge and moved into the Garden District of the city of Monroe. 15 power poles were snapped and heavy damage was done to the second floor of an apartment complex along Riverside Drive. Numerous trees were snapped and uprooted in an area bounded by Louisville Avenue to the north and Forsythe Avenue to the south. This area received some of the strongest winds as evidenced by the density of severe damage to homes.

The tornado continued east and eventually lifted near the intersection of Lamy Lane and Armand Street. Significant to sporadic straight-line wind damage due to the rear-flank downdraft of the thunderstorm was noted along a wide swath along the east side of the path.
EF-1 tornado damage consisting of a snapped pine tree trunk near Arden, AR.
EF1 tornado damage consisting of a snapped pine tree trunk near Arden, AR.
Vehicle flipped by a tornado near Arden, AR.   Double-wide manfactured home completely destroyed by a tornado near Arden, AR.
A double-wide manufactured home was completely destroyed with debris from the home being blown away. This damage was rated EF2. A vehicle was also overturned at this residence. A family of 5 was inside the home during the tornado. One person was killed and the other four were injured.

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