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A very strong storm system brought severe weather and tornadoes to portions of East Texas and North Louisiana during the evening and nighttime of March 24, 2017. Survey teams from the NWS confirmed a total 6 tornadoes occurred. Several locations received significant straight-line wind damage with wind speeds near or above 100 mph.

Some of the most significant damage occurred in Ringgold in Bienville Parish, LA. Straight-line winds of around 100 mph lifted a roof off a church. As the roof came back down on the front of the cinder block building, the front walls were crushed and partially collapsed. All of the debris from the building was blown directly downwind from the church, and no debris was found in the grassy fields to the sides or behind the building. In addition, the tops of very tall pine trees in a densely wooded area on either side of the church were left intact. This is very indicative of straight-line wind damage.

Details of the survey are listed below. 
The information on this web page is considered preliminary and subject to change.


EF1 = 5
EF2 = 1
MARCH 24, 2017
#1 7 miles WSW of Marshall, Harrison County, TX 4 miles WSW of Marshall, Harrison County, TX EF2 105-115 mph 8:31pm CDT 8:36pm CDT 3 miles/
225 yards
None An EF2 tornado began just south of Interstate 20 about 7 miles southwest of Marshall, TX, and proceeded northeast across the interstate and into rural parts of Harrison County. This tornado developed as part of a bookend vortex on the north side of a bow echo. Damage consisted of snapped and uprooted hardwood and softwood trees, toppled metal carports, loss of roof material from a couple of homes, and a completely destroyed metal outbuilding.
  2 miles NW of Marshall, Harrison County, TX   Downburst 95-105 mph 8:35pm CDT     None Numerous trees were uprooted and snapped across the city of Marshall. A very concentrated area of snapped and uprooted trees occurred in Greenwood Cemetery, and the damage pattern was consistent with a downburst.
  7 miles W of Broaddus, Nacogdoches County, TX   Downburst 100-110 mph 9:29pm CDT     None A downburst occurred as an eastward-moving line of thunderstorms moved across Lake Sam Rayburn. Winds likely accelerated across the open waters before slamming into the westward-exposed shoreline south of Etoile. Numerous trees were snapped and uprooted. In addition, the boat awning at the Shirley Creek Marina was damaged, and several residences sustained minor damage to roof shingles. One residence was severely damaged as a large portion of the roof deck was uplifted and walls partially collapsed.
 #2 8 miles SSE of Stanley, De Soto Parish, LA (over Toledo Bend Reservoir) 7 miles SSE of Stanley, De Soto Parish, LA EF1 90-100 mph 10:05pm CDT 10:15pm CDT 2.09 miles/
220 yards
None A waterspout developed over Toledo Bend Reservoir and moved inland at the Grapevine Estates subdivision as an EF1 tornado. Three boats were lifted out of the water, with two being deposited between 250 and 300 yards north of the lake and one on the back porch of a house. Three homes sustained minor siding or roof damage. One home lost its back porch roof, and another lost a carport structure. Several pine trees were snapped along Grapevine Road, making access to the neighborhood difficult.

The exact start point of this tornado is uncertain as it began over Toledo Bend Reservoir.
#3 1 mile ESE of Mansfield, De Soto Parish, LA 2 miles E of Mansfield, De Soto Parish, LA EF1 90-100 mph 10:35pm CDT 10:38pm CDT 1.46 miles/
110 yards
None An EF1 tornado began along Ping Street and moved northeast along Binning Road. The primary damage was snapped pine trees. However, two homes had trees fall on them, and four outbuildings were damaged or destroyed by falling trees.
  12 miles NE of Mansfield, De Soto Parish, LA   Straight-line Winds 100 mph 10:56pm CDT     None Twelve empty railroad cars were blown off the track at the International Paper plant. Two wooden power poles were also snapped at the base.
#4 4 miles NNW of Provencal, Natchitoches Parish, LA 4 miles NNW of Natchitoches, Natchitoches Parish, LA EF1 100-110 mph 11:00pm CDT 11:09pm CDT 9.03 miles/
1.4 miles
None An EF1 tornado began on the southwest side of Hagewood, just west of Highway 117. Although the primary damage was snapped trees, two businesses at the intersection of Highway 117 and Highway 6 sustained some damage. The first was a metal warehouse that lost some siding. Across the street, a pool supply business sustained some roof damage. There was also an I-beam structure behind the pool business that had several I-beams knocked down, including one that was blown over that had been attached to the concrete base. Several homes had minor roof damage, including one that had a corner of the roof lift enough for the ceiling to cave in. Several outbuildings were damaged or destroyed.
  1 W of Ringgold, Bienville Parish, LA   Straight-line Winds 95-105 mph 11:24mph CDT     None The Ringgold Assembly of God Church had its roof lifted by straight-line winds. As the roof came back down, it crushed the un-reinforced cinder block walls near the front of the structure, which then partially collapsed. Portions of the roof structure were found approximately 25 yards away from the main building. Two-by-fours from the roof also pelted the home across the street, with one two-by-sour piercing the swimming pool slide in the back yard. All debris was found immediately down wind of the church.

A home about a half mile west of the church lost some shingles, and several trees were uprooted.
#5 6 miles NW of Dodson, Winn Parish, LA 6 miles SSW of Jonesboro, Winn Parish, LA EF1 95-105 mph 11:49pm CDT 11:50pm CDT 1.22 miles/
350 yards
None An EF1 tornado began along Highway 505, just west of Wyatt, snapping several trees. The damage was sporadic and interspersed with straight-line wind damage that occurred along and north of Highway 505.
#6 5 miles SSE of Jonesboro, Jackson Parish, LA 6 miles E of Jonesboro, Jackson Parish, LA EF1 100-110 mph 11:54pm CDT 12:04am CDT 6.97 miles/
100 yards
None This tornado began along Highway 505 in Jackson Parish, southwest of Weston. The primary damage was snapped trees. However, one metal outbuilding was overturned.
  4 miles ESE of Jonesboro, Winn Parish, LA   Straight-line winds 85-95 mph 11:59pm CDT     None Several trees were uprooted along and just north of Highway 505, west of Wyatt. These trees were all downed towards the northeast.
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This survey data is preliminary and subject to change as more information becomes available.  Road accessibility and inconsistencies between mapping and GPS software may limit the accuracy of the tracks plotted on this map. Line widths are not representative of actual tornado widths.  The information plotted on this map is intended for general reference use only. 

For official post-storm information, use 
Storm Data from the National Centers for Environmental Information.
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