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Many of the services on this page are experimental, and their availability is not guaranteed.


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Enlarge an image in the small tabs. Click on an image in the small tabs to make it appear in the larger "dialog" box.

Enhanced Data Display. The EDD is an advanced, interactive display that allows users to view real-time weather data including radar data, local storm reports, watches & warnings, current observations, and much more. By default, the EDD on this page is configured for radar, local storm reports, and watches/warnings. To view radar data, click on the white radar ball (NEXRAD site) or the Airplane (Terminal Doppler Weather Radar). The number on the symbols indicate the age of the latest image in minutes. Click here if you would like to view the EDD on it's own page.

Quick access to certain text products. The HWO, Zone Forecast Product (ZFP), and most recent LSR are displayed in tabs. Mouse over the 3-letter identifier (HWO, ZFP, or LSR) to view the text product.

Common Questions

What is the "spotter activation statement"? The spotter activation statement is created in the Hazardous Weather Outlook (HWO). It is used to let trained weather spotters know approximately when and where they could be needed to help spot severe weather. Training sessions for weather spotters are free of charge and are held several times each year, usually in the early spring and fall. Check this calendar to find a class near you. If you would like to request a spotter talk, please contact us for more information (contact information is at the bottom of this page).

When I first load the web page, it looks strange for a few seconds. What's going on? It's called a "flash of unstyled content", or FOUC. It is completely harmless. It's just an artifact of the computer code that makes the web page work.

I clicked on one of the pictures and now I can't click anywhere else on the page. Help! Look for a gray bar with the phrase "Current Graphicast" on the left side of the bar and an "X" on the far right side of the gray bar. Click the "X" to return to the main briefing page.

I can't view the EDD, or this site doesn't work well with my device. What do I do? Try viewing our basic hazards page.

What don't the graphics or the EDD work? These features are considered experimental. Availability is not guaranteed.

Who should I contact to provide feedback on this web page? Please send your feedback in an email to the NWS-SHV webmaster ( ).