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Overview of Tropical Storm Nestor

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Tropical Storm Nestor, at its strongest, was a tropical storm containing sustained winds up to 60mph and a central pressure of 996mb. The main impacts to our region revolved mostly around strong winds along our coastal locations, and storm surge ranging from 1 to 3 feet along the coast of the FL Panhandle and Big Bend. While impacts besides surge were mostly limited across our region, heavy rain and tornadoes did cause much more damage across the Peninsula of FL. For more information on the impacts from Nestor's tornadoes, please see the write up of this event from the National Weather Service in Tampa. 

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Satellite Imagery from Nestor around 11am October 19, 2019. Nestor was undergoing a process called extra-tropical transition. Radar imagery of Tropical Nestor from the morning of October 18th through the early afternoon of October 19th. Image courtesy NWS Tampa Bay Radar estimated rainfall amounts from Tropical Storm Nestor.
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