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Wintry Mix in the Great Lakes Region; Mountain Snow in the West

Heavy snow, a wintry mix, and strong winds are likely in the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes into the Interior Northeast this weekend. Heavy mountain snow will continue across the Pacific Northwest and in parts of the Northern and Central Rockies. Read More >

Note that some data may not be current when not at briefing time. Click on Surface or Jet Stream images to refresh to latest image. For the Airmets/Sigmets, blue is for icing, darker green for high-level turbulence, lighter green for low-level turbulence, and purple for IFR. Click on "New Print Worksheet" or "Old Print Worksheet" to print only the table below (this normally will fit to a single page). If there are problems with "Print Worksheet" (eg, maps do not finish rendering), please use "Printable Worksheet". Click on "Printable Worksheet" to open only the table below in a new window (this normally will fit to a single page), and then use CTRL-P or CTRL-SHIFT-P to manually print. An "automated" PIREP table is available which is based on AIRMETs, SIGMETs, PIREPs, CWAs, TAFs, METARs, TCF, SREF, etc, but this should not be used alone without referencing the separate sources. The PIREP requirements can be update manually on this page by clicking on the regular (not automated) table. The time stamp will be removed if you do this. To change the model for the Jet Stream WAVE Image graphics, you can add click the "Toggle Jet Stream Models" above. To auto load with NAM ( or GFS (( You can still toggle among the different times and types with "Toggle Surface/Jet Stream Maps". To use the WR copies of the Jet Stream and Satellite/Surface Maps, add "alternate" to the URL parameters or click here: . For the Highest Freezing Levels RAP is from the RAP forecast model. You can change the printing opacity for the graphics (OpenLayers Maps, Jet Stream Map, Surface Map, and background colors in PIREP Requirements Table) with "Printing Opacity" to reduce toner/ink usage. Hovering over the "automated" boxes will indicated the referenced sources. If you wish to try the older (OLv3) version, go to .

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