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An Active Start to the Week

A slow moving and large-scale system will produce widespread rain and thunderstorms the next few days across the central and southern Plains into the Mid to Lower Mississippi Valley. Severe storms will be common across Texas through Tuesday before spreading eastward. The locally heavy rain will produce possible flooding and have a similar transition to the east through midweek. Read More >

2003 Cooperative Observer Awards


2003 Thomas Jefferson Award Recipient


2003 Jefferson Award Recipient - Allen Hellesund

The Thomas Jefferson Award was presented to Allen Hellesund from Timber Lake South Dakota. Pictured from left to right are Bill Tallman, Meteorologist in Charge; Mr Allen Hellesund; and Glenn Nielsen, Hydrometeorological Technician. The ceremony was held at the Timber Lake Museum and attended by nearly the entire town.


2003 Holm Award Recipient


2003 Holm Award Winner - Evelyn Quade


 Representatives from the entire South Dakota Congressional Delegation were on hand to present Evelyn Quade of Wilmot, South Dakota with the John Campanious Holm Award. Pictured from left to right are Beth Smith from Senator Daschle’s office; Evelyn Quade; Sharon Stroschein from Senator Johnson’s office; and Judy Vrchota from Congressman Janklow’s office. The ceremony was held at the Aberdeen WFO.


2003 Service Award Recipients


2003 25-Year Award Recipients - Bradley and Roger Bauer

Bradley and Roger Bauer of McIntosh SD, receive a 25 year length of service award. Glenn Nielsen, Hydrometeorological Technician at the National Weather Service in Aberdeen, SD presented the award at the Bauer’s farm located 6 miles southeast of McIntosh.


2003 20-Year Award Recipient - Milton and Phyllis Stiegelmeier

The National Weather Service in Aberdeen SD was honored to present Milton and Phyllis Stiegelmeier of Selby, SD with a 20 year Service Award during their retirement from the Cooperative Observing Program.


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