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Hazardous Heat in the Western U.S.; Heavy Rain and Flooding Potential in the Southern Rockies

Widespread high temperatures in the 90s with heat indices exceeding 100 degrees will persist across the western U.S. this weekend into next week. Some daily high temperature records are forecast to be tied or broken. Monsoon conditions continue to linger across the Southern Rockies posing a heavy rainfall threat which may lead to additional flash flooding concerns. Read More >

NWS Wakefield Virtual/Online Presentations


Are you looking for presentations on all types of weather, climate, forecasting and he National Weather Service (NWS)? Are you teaching students about the weather? The NWS can visit your group and/or classroom via the Internet. NWS Wakefield is ready and able to teach and answer your weather questions. Whether it is learning about weather basics, severe weather, the sun, careers in earth Science, or any other topic, the NWS has you covered!  Use the form below to have staff members from NWS Wakefield join your group!


How does it work?


All you need to participate is an internet connection, a computer with speakers and a webcam with a microphone. With this setup your group(s), or multiple individuals from different locations can participate at once. We can arrange meetings through Google Meet, Skype, or other conferencing programs by arrangement.


What can we teach?


We can present on just about any weather related topic to any group. For schools we have several presentations we can give to your students. One is called Weather Basics (30-40 min) in which we cover where the weather comes from, cold/warm fronts, high/low pressure etc. This course is designed for late elementary school or middle school students, but can be tailored as needed. The second presentation covers severe weather (30-45 min) and some safety tips (all ages). If you prefer, you can simply have one of our meteorologsts meet with your group for a session called Ask-a-Meteorologist (30-60 min), in which we answer as many student questions time allows. Finally, we can present a Careers in Weather presentation for high school students (45 min). If you have special requests or other needs, please let us know in the comments section of the form below.


Do you have any pre-recorded or other online options?


We have a number of pre-recorded options available in our Education Series on our Youtube Channel. We have pre-recorded tours of our office, SKYWARN Weather Awareness class, and a handful of videos on a variety of topics. Check it out! If you have another topic you'd like to see, just let us know in the form below!

Some great online education resource include Jetstream Online Weather School and NOAA SciJinks


Sounds great! How do I sign up? 


Just fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you and figure out how we can best help meet your needs!


Please Note: Presentations may be canceled on short notice by the NWS Wakefield due to severe or hazardous weather.