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Marine Advisory and/or Warning In Effect  Issued: 12/01/2015 06:12:27 AM EST

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Yellow Square Legend for Observation SitesObservations Disclaimer
Please Note:Forecast information obtained for locations in the Chesapeake Bay, mainstem Rivers and Coastal Waters out to 20nm are for a single point. Conditions can vary within the areas (zones) outlined in blue. Watches/warnings/advisories are issued for the entire zone. Conditions may not be observed at all points within amarinezone.

AKQ Coastal Forecast

Coastal Waters Forecast

AKQ Radar DOX Radar

AKQ Radar / DOX Radar


Astronomical Tide Predictions(NOAA/CO-OPS)

Total Water Level (Tide) Predictions

Regional Marine Forecast

Regional Marine Forecasts

NCDC Observations

Regional Marine Observations


Quick Jump Point Forecasts and Hourly Weather Graph

Rappahannock Light (RPLV2)   (Hourly Weather Graph)

Stingray Point (44058)   (Hourly Weather Graph)

York River Light (YKRV2)   (Hourly Weather Graph)

Kiptopeke (KPTV2)   (Hourly Weather Graph)

Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel (CBBV2)   (Hourly Weather Graph)

First Landing (44064)   (Hourly Weather Graph)

Dominion Terminal (DOMV2)   (Hourly Weather Graph)

Willoughby Deguassing Station (WDSV2)   (Hourly Weather Graph)

First Landing (44064)   (Hourly Weather Graph)

Ocean City Inlet (OCIM2)   (Hourly Weather Graph)

Cape Charles Light (44096)  (Hourly Weather Graph)

Chesapeake Light (CHLV2)  (Hourly Weather Graph)

Duck, NC FRF (44056)   (Hourly Weather Graph)


Marine Observations and Model Data

Experimental NWS Marine PortalCarolinas RCOOS

Marine Observations


(SST Data from Rutgers)


Graphical Forecast Graphical Forecast

Experimental NWPS Guidance


Wave Watch III

Other Marine Resources and Links

National Hurricane Center

National Hurricane Center

Ocean Prediction Center

NOAA's National Ocean Service

National Ocean Service

Sunrise/Sunset information

Sunrise/Sunset data



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