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Offshore Marine Text Forecasts for the Mid Atlantic 


Click on the links in the table to get the offshore marine forecasts for each zone. Clicking on the map links to a text forecast that includes all the zones and a synopsis.


Outer Coastal Offshore
ANZ820: Hudson Canyon to Baltimore Canyon to 1000 FM ANZ905: East of 69W to the Hague Line between 1000 FM and 39N
ANZ825: Baltimore Canyon to Cape Charles Light to 100 NM offshore ANZ910: East of 69W and south of 39N to 250 NM offshore
ANZ828: Cape Charles Light to Currituck Beach Light to 100 NM offshore ANZ915: Between 1000 FM and 38.5 N west of 69 W
ANZ830: Currituck Beach Light to Cape Hatteras to 100 NM offshore ANZ920: Baltimore Canyon to 69W east of 1000 FM and south of 38.5N to

250 NM offshore

ANZ833: Cape Hatteras to Cape Fear to 100 NM Offshore ANZ925:Baltimore Canyon to Hatteras Canyon between 100 NM and 250 NM


ANZ835: Cape Fear to 31N to 1000 FM ANZ930: Hatteras Canyon to Cape Fear between 100 NM and 250 NM offshore
  ANZ935: Cape Fear to 31N east of 1000 FM to 250 NM offshore

map showing offshore marine forecast zones off the Mid Atlantic coast

Offshore Marine Text Forecasts for


New England, Tropical Atlantic, Gulf, CaribbeanSW North Atl Alaska, Washington-Oregon, California, Hawaii, Eastern Pacific-Mexico, Eastern Pacific-Equatorial


Offshore waters forecast for the mid-Atlantic including all zones and synopsis

Offshore waters forecast synopsis for the Mid Atlantic
      Condensed Version for radio broadcast......coverage map(white stars)

Offshore waters forecasts are subdivided by zone, each identified by text description and a Universal Generic Code (UGC). These forecasts are prepared by the Ocean Prediction Center, National Hurricane Center, Honolulu Forecast Office, Juneau Forecast Office, Anchorage Forecast Office, and Fairbanks Forecast Office

Similar webpages for Coastal/Great Lakes Forecasts by Zone and High Seas Marine Forecasts are also available.

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