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Isolated Severe Thunderstorms Possible This Afternoon and Tonight

Isolated severe thunderstorms are possible this afternoon into tonight. A cold front will approach Michigan with showers and thunderstorms developing ahead of it. A few storms could produce hail and strong, gusty winds, along with frequent lightning and heavy rain. Read More >


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Winter Hazards Awareness Week
Tuesday, November 6th

  Day 3 - Winter Weather Safety Tips for Home and Car


Weather changes continually in Michigan, and the coming winter is likely to bring episodes of snow, ice, and bitter cold that will put stress on people, animals, and machines. Driving becomes especially dangerous in snow and ice, so be sure to plan all trips carefully and listen to the latest weather forecasts.

Visibility can be reduced dramatically as motorists drive into falling snow. Add to that the unseen hazard of ice on the roads and the shorter periods of daylight, and driving during the winter can often become treacherous. Now is the time to review driving habits and also take stock of safety supplies.

Do not abandon your car and walk into a snow storm. In case you are stranded, your vehicle should be equipped with an emergency kit. An emergency kit should include booster cables, shovel, tow rope, sand or cat litter, and a flashlight with extra batteries (see image below). Do not forget a first aid kit, non-perishable food, and blankets or sleeping bags. Keep your gas tank near full to avoid ice in the tank and fuel line.

Winter Car Kit

For additional information on winter safety tips, please see the Michigan Winter Emergency Preparedness Page