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The National Weather Service has designated this week as Flood Safety Awareness Week the NOAA Bird


It floods nearly every day of the year somewhere in the United States.  On average over the past 30 years, floods have claimed the lives of about 90 people annually, and caused about $8 billion in damage. 

The goals of Flood Safety Awareness Week are to: 

  • Inform the public about NWS forecast and warning services, and flood information
  • Heighten public awareness to the risks associated with all types of floods, including flash floods, river floods, and those related to dam or levee failures
  • Empower citizens to take actions necessary to protect their lives and their livelihoods

Flood Safety Awareness Week will provide daily topics of information to help you prepare for a flood in your area, to become a "Force of Nature" and help those around you prepare for and take action during a flood situation.

Some questions you may be asking yourself about flooding may include:

  • Do I need to be concerned about flooding?
  • How can I find out if I am in danger from a flood?
  • What is the difference between a flood and a flash flood?
  • How do I know how severe a flood will be?
  • Is there anything I can do to prepare for a flood?

Follow us each day during Flood Safety Awareness Week 2017 to find answers to these and many other questions.

National Weather Service flood warnings and forecasts can be found on our website at:  or at 

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For additional information on rivers, precipitation, and river flood forecasting for the local area, please refer to the following:

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