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The National Weather Service has declared this week as Flood Safety Awareness Week. The National Weather Service in La Crosse has been providing information about a different flood topic each day during the awareness week.
Today's topic: Partner Resources
The National Weather Service works with and relies on strategic partners involved in river observations, reservoir management, floodplain management, flood hazard mitigation, and flood preparedness and safety to reduce the loss of life and property due to floods. Today we are sharing some great tools from several of our partners.
American Red Cross
Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (FLASH)
Flood Safety Information:

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
Safety Information:
Safety Kit Assembly:
Property Protection and Flood Insurance:
Assess Your Flood Risk:

United States Army Corps of Engineers
Flood Information: 

United States Geological Survey
Water Watch:
Water Alert - National Water Information System:

The National Weather Service works with many key partners to complete the mission of protecting life and property. Some additional key partners are the National Hydrologic Warning Council, Association of State Floodplain Managers, the National Safety Council, media outlets, and many other government and private sector organizations. For more information about any of our partners, or to learn about partners local to your area, contact your local NWS office.

As we wrap up the 2017 Flood Safety Awareness Week, remember, flooding can occur in any of the fifty states or U.S. territories at any time of the year. Prepare yourself, your family, and your home. Be aware of potential flooding in your area, Turn Around Don’t Drown, and help make the U.S. a more Weather Ready Nation!

For more information, please contact your local NWS office.