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SKYWARN Amateur Radio Recognition Day 2017 was held on Saturday, December 2nd - a day set aside to celebrate and recognize the contributions amateur radio operators provide to the National Weather Service (NWS). SKYWARN Recognition Day began in 1999 as a 'Y2K' exercise but has continued since.

A total of 24 people visited our office on a sunny, balmy early December day (high temperature was 48 degrees). Several operators made contacts with people around the U.S. (and World!), sharing contact and current weather information.  There were three (3) radios and antennas operating.



Here is a summary:

  • Total contacts made: 190
  • Total U.S. States contacted: 45
  • Total NWS offices contacted: 33
  • Total International countries contacted: 3

(click on map to enlarge.
States / Providences contacted are in red color.)

Numerous area amateur radio operators helped out for 2017 SKYWARN Recognition Day, including setup, operating, logging contacts, or in other ways.

An appreciative THANK YOU goes out to:

  • Roger Reader (KA9BKK)
  • Tom O'Brien (WB9BJQ)
  • John Keiser (KD9FZX)
  • Greg Miller (K9LEC)
  • Steve Wiebke (W0STV)
  • Kevin Holcomb (KC9ZED)
  • William Wood (KE9XQ)
  • Kelly Boles (KE0EMJ)
  • Rick Kolter (KD9GVS)
  • Todd Shea (KB9YXS)
  • John Wetenkamp (KB9UMX)
  • David Iott (KE0PBI)
  • Bob Seaquist (W9LSE)
  • George Hopkins (KD0YOZ)
  • Chris Kanable (KC9CMD)
  • David Peters (KB9EWG)
  • Larry Worthington (KC9HDP)
  • Dan Abts (AB9TS)



ham 2017 event image


ham 2017 event image
ham 2017 event image ham 2017 event image