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Jackson County (WI) Tornadoes*
Date Time Location Other
Deaths** Injuries** EF-Scale
Month Day Year
7 20 2019 0814-0818 North Bend 1.9ENE to North Bend 3.4E None 1.83 50 0 0 EF0
A tornado moved across the far southwest corner of Jackson County northeast of North Bend. The tornado touched down in a small wooden area, moved across State Highway 54 before dissipating in another wooded area. Damage was limited to trees and some corn. This tornado caused $10,000 in crop damage. More on this tornado can be found at:
7 14 2010 1516-1613 CST North Branch 2.1NE
to Sherwood 0.7NNW
Clark 30.77 150 0 0 EF0 in Jackson &
EF1 in Clark
  A National Weather Service survey team surveyed intermittent EF0 tree damage along Town House Road through the village of Merrillan to the Clark and Jackson County line. The survey team then found intermittent EF1 tree damage east along Ballard Road and County Road Z in extreme southern Clark County.  The tornado was the strongest (EF1)  in the vicinity of Lake Arbutus where extensive tree damage was found on the north side of the lake near Bush Road.  The tornado track appeared to be just north of this area with most of the damage caused by winds around the south side of the storm (rear flank downdrafts).  Property Damage:  $5,000 in each county.       
6 23 2004 1728-1732 CST Taylor 4E to Taylor 8E None 4 30 0 0 F1
  A line of thunderstorms that moved out of Minnesota produced wind damage, hail and several tornadoes. This was the second tornado to be reported this evening. It developed about 3 tenths of a mile to the south of where the first tornado lifted in Jackson County. This tornado primarily caused tree damage. Shortly after formation, it reached F1 strength (estimated 80-100 mph winds), clearing out a path about 30 yards wide through a wooded area just north of West Pine Creek Road. This tornado weakened about 5 miles east of Taylor, but caused sporadic F0 damage until it finally lifted around 6:32 p.m. about 8 miles east of Taylor in the East Pine Creek Road area. Total path length of these two tornadoes was nearly 9 miles. They were on the ground for about 10 minutes. This tornado caused an estimated $5,000 in property damage.
6 23 2004 1722-1728 CST Taylor 1.5N to Taylor 4E None 5 50 0 0 F1
  A line of thunderstorms that moved out of Minnesota produced wind damage, hail and several tornadoes. The first tornado touched down about 1.5 miles north of Taylor (Jackson County) around 6:22 p.m. It caused intermittent damage during the first two miles of its path as it moved east southeastward across Highway 95. It then strengthened and stayed on the ground for another 3 miles. Many trees were knocked down, and it also demolished a garage and took the roof off two other structures. The tornado reached F1 strength (estimated 75-85 mph winds) briefly as it moved through the Davis and Taylor Road areas where it demolished a garage approximately 2 miles northeast of Taylor. This tornado appeared to lift approximately 4 miles east of Taylor around 6:28 p.m. This tornado caused an estimated $75,000 in property damage.
9 13 1994 1630 CST Melrose 5N None 2 400 0 0 F1
  Damage occurred along Highway 54. Farm buildings and machinery were damaged while a barn was destroyed.
7 25 1982 1725 CST Melrose 4N None 2 67 0 0 F1
  A small tornado moved from north to south in Irving Township, extending from County Road X to County Road H.
7 18 1971 1400 CST Melrose 2S to Cataract Monroe 10 100 0 0 F2
  Several barns were destroyed.
6 26 1969 1600-1635 CST York to Curtiss 5NNW Clark
Eau Claire
45 ?? 0 4 F2
  This tornado tracked northeast from northern Jackson County, across parts of Eau Claire County, and into Clark County. Several farm buildings were wrecked near York. Two injuries were reported in Clark County.
7 10 1966 2045 CST Near Merrillan None 7.9 10 0 3 F2
  This tornado was part of a much larger tornado outbreak.  Between 4 PM CST on July 10th through 430 AM on July 11th, 16 tornadoes (4 in Minnesota, 10 in Wisconsin, and 2 in Indiana) touched down from central Minnesota southeast into Indiana. These tornadoes developed along the leading edge of a squall line.  Winds associated with this line were in the 50 to 60 mph range.
7 23 1965 2112 CST City Point (Wausau 54SW) None 0.5 ? 0 0 F1
5 23 1964 1930 CST Pleasantville to NW Jackson County Trempealeau 21.9 100 0 0 F2
  The tornado initially touched down southwest of Pleasantville, moved through that town, and moved northeast in northwestern Jackson County.  The tornado touched down several times along this track. 
5 4 1964 1740 CST Melrose 2SE to Black River Falls 7SSE None 9 200 0 2 F2
  Barns were leveled and trailers were destroyed. All the trees on one side of a hill were leveled.
10 10 1962 0830 CST Neillsville 18 SE Wood 3.3 400 0 0 F1
  Farm buildings damaged
5 26 1959 1545-1645 CST Trempealeau 1E to Fairchild 4NE Clark
50 70 0 2 F2
  Skipped north-northeast from east of Trempealeau, passing 1 mile east of Hegg, near Northfield, and 1 mile southeast to 4 miles northeast of Fairchild. A café was destroyed in Clark County. Trees and sheds were downed. Minimal F2 damage. Both injuries occurred in Clark County.
5 4 1959 1215 CST Black River Falls 1N None 1 150 0 0 F2
  A barn was leveled and a greenhouse was destroyed.
6 18 1954 1830 CST Hixton None 10.2 900 0 0 F2
5 13 1942 1500 CST Black River Falls 3S to Loyal Clark 40 150 1 1 F3
  This tornado moved north-northeast crossing both Jackson and Clark Counties. It hit first at the town dump 3 miles south of Black River Falls, and skipped through "German Hill", killing one man as his house was hurled 500 feet. Businesses and homes were destroyed along the east and southeast edge of Black River Falls and again 1 mile north of Hatfield. There might have been at least two tornadoes with a gap in damage around Neillsville. Total damage was $100,000.
7 5 1935 1645 CST Fairchild Eau Claire 3 100 0 0 F2
  This tornado moved east-southeast and passed just south of Fairchild, from Eau Claire County into Jackson County. Two barns, a house, and a filling station were destroyed with damage estimates at $12,000.
6 13 1930 1730-1930 CST ? Trempealeau 
80 1300 0 0 ?
  The tornado moved through western Trempealeau County, northern Jackson County, eastern Clark County, and northwestern Marathon County.   This was one of six tornadoes to occur in west central Wisconsin on this date between 4PM and 8 PM.
5 1 1930 1930 CST Ettrick to Melrose Trempealeau 10 100 0 13 F2
  This tornado moved east from southeast of Ettrick (Trempealeau Co.) to near Melrose. "Cottages" and barns were leveled in the South Beaver Creek valley. Ten people were injured in one home. Estimated damage costs were $50,000. do moved east from southeast of Ettrick (Trempealeau Co.) to near Melrose. "Cottages" and barns were leveled in the South Beaver Creek valley. Ten people were injured in one home. Estimated damage costs were $50,000.
8 7 1924 1830 CST Osseo to Black River Falls Trempealeau 28 300 4 20 F4
  This storm tracked southeast from south of Osseo (Trempealeau Co.) to Black River Falls. One person was killed as a home was leveled and a boy was killed running to the storm cellar near the start of the path. Two people died as farm homes were swept away near the northeast edge of Black River Falls. Damage totalled $200,000 as 50 farms were hit and buildings were unroofed in the town of Northfield (F2). The tornado followed the present route of Interstate 94.
7 3 1907 1700 CST Neillsville 12SW to Elroy 1NE Clark
55 800 11 40 F4
  Most likely a family of tornadoes, they tracked south-southeast crossing a total of 5 counties. At least 20 homes were leveled. Three people were killed just outside of Oakdale (Monroe Co.) A hundred people were left homeless in town. Four people died at "Tunnel Siding" north of Elroy. At least four, and possibly six, people were killed north of Tomah.
* The data in this table came from Storm Data, Significant Tornadoes--1680-1991 by Thomas P. Grazulis, and Wisconsin Tornado Database 1950-2000 Geographic Techniques Report No. ST-WTDB01.
 ** Injuries and Deaths are for the entire tornado track.

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