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Radar loop of the tornado event. The top left image is base reflectivity (Z) and the top right image is storm-relative velocity (SRV). The bottom two images are correlation coefficient (CC) and spectrum width (SW). Low values of CC, combined with a SRV couplet or on a convergence zone, are a strong indicator of debris being lofted by a tornado. High values of SW can also denote the presence of a circulation.

Total Iowa Tornadoes: 37

EF0 (24)
EF1 (7)
EF2 (3)
EF3 (1)
EF4 (0)
EF5 (0)
EFU* (2)
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Information last updated on 8/10/2019

Above is a map of the tornadoes that occurred across Iowa in 2019. Mouse over each icon to view more information on that tornado, which will appear in the box to the right. A season summary and table of these tornadoes is provided below. Detailed KMZ files for many of the tracks can be downloaded and viewed in Google Earth by clicking on the appropriate icon in the table below. To download the full year map shown above, click the download button below.

Please note: Track lines and contours are often interpolated and may not encompass the full extent of the damage. Surveying procedures vary between NWS offices. Downloadable tracks may not be available for weak tornadoes that were not surveyed.

*EFU - EF rating unknown. This is used in the rare instance that a tornado does not cause enough damage to be assigned an EF rating.

2019 Iowa Tornado Summary  

     After a very slow start to the 2019 tornado season in Iowa with no tornadoes through May 21st, the season kicked into high gear almost overnight.  The season started with overnight tornadoes on May 22nd including two in southwest Iowa.  The stronger of the two was an EF2 tornado just southeast of Adair.  This tornado produced extensive damage to a home killing a 74 year old woman and injuring her husband.  The other tornado that night was an EF1 outside of Anita.  Two days later on May 24th, a pair of tornadoes occurred in the Iowa City area producing minor damage but fortunately no injuries or deaths.   Then on Memorial Day, six tornadoes occurred with two in northern Iowa and the other three in the far southeast.  The strongest tornado was an EF3 in Van Buren county where extensive damage was produced at a house near Cantril.  The finale to this active period in late May came on the 29th when 15 relatively weak tornadoes occurred in central and eastern Iowa.  While most of the tornadoes remained in open farmland, a few of them did produce damage in Hardin and Poweshiek county including one injury near Deep River.  This eight day period in late May accounted for 25 tornadoes across the state including one death and two injuries and accounted for just over half of the normal tornadoes Iowa experiences in a year.  The first tornadoes in June occurred on the 9th with three landspouts in eastern Iowa.  These tornadoes remained in rural areas producing little damage despite remaining on the ground for several minutes each.  An additional four tornadoes were observed on the 15th with a landspout north of Whitten in Hardin county which destroyed an old barn.  The other three tornadoes occurred in Des Moines county including two EF2 tornadoes southwest of Oakville. 




2019 Iowa Tornado Listing
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# Date Time - Local
Counties Start Location EF Rating Path
KMZ File Survey
1. 05/22/2019 1:04am - 1:06am Cass 2.6 mi SSE of Anita EF1 1.08 mi 0/0 DMX
2. 05/22/2019 1:29am - 1:37am Adair/Guthrie 3.2 mi SSE Adair EF2 4.77 mi 1/1 DMX
3. 05/24/2019 6:37pm - 7:04pm Johnson 0.7 mi E Frytown EF1 10.81 mi 0/0 DVN
4. 05/24/2019 7:27pm - 7:28pm Cedar 4.3 mi NE West Branch EF0 0.04 mi 0/0 DVN
5. 05/27/2019 12:23pm - 12:37pm Floyd 3.8 mi SW Charles City EF1 9.87 mi 0/0 ARX
6. 05/27/2019 1:10pm - 1:15pm Chickasaw/Howard 6.1 SE Alta Vista EF0 4.07 mi 0/0 ARX
7. 05/27/2019 1:25pm - 1:42pm Van Buren 4.0 mi ENE Cantril EF3 7.50 mi 0/0 DVN
8. 05/27/2019 1:29pm - 1:43pm Howard 5.8 mi NNE Elma EF1 9.20 mi 0/0 ARX
9. 05/27/2019 1:46pm - 1:47pm Lee 0.4 mi SSW Houghton EF1 0.54 mi 0/0 DVN
10. 05/27/2019 2:03pm - 2:05pm Des Moines 3.0 mi SW Burlington EF0 0.13 mi 0/0 DVN
11. 05/29/2019 4:00pm - 4:06pm Sac 6.5 mi SSW Schaller EF0 1.23 mi 0/0 DMX
12. 05/29/2019 4:11pm - 4:14pm Sac 2.0 mi S Early EF0 0.65 mi 0/0 DMX
13. 05/29/2019 4:49pm - 4:56pm Pocahontas 1.9 mi N Pocahontas EF0 0.42 mi 0/0 DMX
14. 05/29/2019 6:21pm -6:24pm Humboldt 1.4 mi SE Bradgate EF0 0.54 mi 0/0 DMX
15. 05/29/2019 6:23pm - 6:24pm Iowa 1.8 mi SE Victor EF0 0.07 mi 0/0 DVN
16. 05/29/2019 7:01pm - 7:14pm Poweshiek 5.3 mi SE Montezuma EF1 3.53 mi 1/0 DMX
17. 05/29/2019 7:28pm - 7:32pm Poweshiek 1.1 mi NE Deep River EF0 0.90 mi 0/0 DMX
18. 05/29/2019 7:37pm - 7:41pm Hardin 3.1 mi ESE Garden City EF0 1.11 mi 0/0 DMX
19. 05/29/2019 7:39pm - 7:43pm Poweshiek 2.2 mi SE Guernsey EF0 0.95 mi 0/0 DMX
20. 05/29/2019 7:46pm - 7:58pm Iowa 6.2 mi SSE Victor EF0 3.34 mi 0/0 DVN
21. 05/29/2019 8:13pm - 8:14pm Johnson 1.5 mi SSW Amish EF0 0.30 mi 0/0 DVN
22. 05/29/2019 8:15pm - 8:19pm Hardin 2.0 mi E New Providence EF0 1.23 mi 0/0 DMX
23. 05/29/2019 8:29pm - 8:31pm Hardin 2.8 mi SW Eldora EF0 0.57 mi 0/0 DMX
24. 05/29/2019 8:31pm - 8:36pm Hardin 2.7 mi WNW Owasa EF0 1.33 mi 0/0 DMX
25. 05/29/2019 8:54pm - 8:56pm Hardin 1.3 mi E Steamboat Rock EF0 0.66 mi 0/0 DMX
26. 06/09/2019 3:53pm - 4:16pm Buchanan/Delaware 4.1 mi ENE Winthrop EF0 7.28 mi 0/0 DVN
27. 06/09/2019 4:24pm - 4:37pm Linn 2.4 mi NNE Central City EF0 6.44 mi 0/0 DVN
28. 06/09/2019 5:14pm - 5:17pm Jones 2.1 mi ESE Fairview EF0 1.05 mi 0/0 DVN
29. 06/15/2019 2:21pm - 2:23pm Hardin 3.6 mi N Whitten EF0 0.21 mi 0/0 DMX
30. 06/15/2019 7:54pm - 7:56pm Des Moines 3.0 mi W Mediapolis EF0 0.83 mi  0/0 DVN
31. 06/15/2019 8:20pm - 8:26pm Des Moines 3.0 mi SW Oakville EF2 1.85 mi 0/0 DVN
32. 06/15/2019 8:24pm - 8:28pm Des Moines 2.8 mi SSW Oakville EF2 1.32 mi 0/0 DVN
33. 06/17/2019 11:01am  Dickinson 2.7 mi NW Terril EF0 0.02 mi 0/0   FSD
34. 07/09/2019 7:08pm - 7:09pm Scott 1.1 mi NNW Walcott EFU 0.05 mi 0/0 DVN
35. 07/09/2019 7:41pm - 7:42pm Scott 1.2 mi SSE Donahue EFU 0.04 mi 0/0 DVN
36. 07/16/2019 2:38pm - 2:43 pm Cass 5.4 mi ENE Lewis EF0 1.40 mi 0/0 DMX
37. 08/06/2019 10:07pm - 10:08 pm Dubuque 4.7 mi SE Peosta EF1 0.31 mi 0/0 DVN


* Red entries indicate that the information is still under review


Track lengths use polylines created in the NWS Damage Assessment Toolkit when available, which may be longer than the official Storm Data track (derived from start and end points only).