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Other Products (non-routine)
Some of the products issued by the NWS Forecast Office in Peachtree City will be seen only under certain circumstances, or in special weather situations.   The page below offers a brief explanation of each product, and links to an example of each product.
* Red Flag Warning (RFW) WMO Header: WWUS82 KFFC
Example: recent version
A warning issued to indicate high fire danger and the high possibility of a quickly spreading fire in the area within 24 hours.
* Public Iinformation Statement (PNS) WMO Header: NOUS42 KFFC
Example: recent version
A narrative statement that can be used for:


  1. A current or expected nonhazardous event of general interest to the public that can usually be covered with a single message (e.g., unusual atmospheric phenomena such as sun dogs, halos, rainbows, aurora borealis, lenticular clouds, and stories about a long-term dry/cold/wet/warm spell).
  2. Public educational information and activities, such as storm safety rules, awareness activities, storm drills, etc.
  3. Information regarding service changes, service limitations, interruptions due to reduced or lost power or equipment outages, or special information clarifying interpretation of NWS data. For example, this product may be used to inform users of radar equipment outages or special information clarifying interpretation of radar data originating from an unusual source which may be mistaken for precipitation (such as chaff drops, smoke plumes, etc., that produces echoes on the radar display.

* Record Event Report (RER) WMO Header: SXUS72 KFFC
Examples: Atlanta | Athens | Columbus | Macon
This is a non-routine narrative product issued to report meteorological and hydrological events that equal or exceed existing records. Separate products are issued for records in Atlanta, Athens, Columbus and Macon. Included in this type of report would be events like record high or low temperatures, or record rainfall.
* Air Quality Index (AQI) WMO Header: AEUS72 KFFC
Example: recent version
This is a forecast of air quality for the Atlanta Metropolitan Area issued when conditions are expected to be unhealthy (code orange or worse). The forecast is released during the afternoon and is valid for the following day. The information contained in the forecast is provided by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.
* Spot Forecast (Fire Weather) (FWS) WMO Header: FNUS72 KFFC
Example: archived version
This is a forecast of conditions expected at a specific location in support of active or planned burning by agencies involved in the control of wildfires.
* Free Text Message (FTM) WMO Header: NOUS62 KFFC
Example: archived version
Issued to provide information related to deficiencies in either the quality or availability of NEXRAD (doppler radar) data.