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Hydrologic Products
Some products related to hydrology are issued regularly by the NWS Forecast Office in Peachtree City. These describe the state of rivers and lakes.   The page below offers a brief explanation of each product, and links to an example of each product.
* Hydrologic Summary for North & Central GA (RVA) WMO Header: SRUS42 KFFC
Example: recent version
A table indicating the latest stages of area rivers, and pool height for area lakes/reservoirs. Levels are observations taken around 8am daily. The product is normally issued before 10am daily. This information is also available on the web at rva (River Stages), and rrm (Lake Levels).
* Daily River Stage & Forecast (RVD) WMO Header: FGUS52 KFFC
Example: recent version
A table of observed river stages at points for which forecast stages may be available. Forecasts are routinely made at some locations, but made only during high water events at others. This product is also available on the web at rvd
* 5-Day Forecast for Daily Forecast Points (RVS) WMO Header: FGUS82 KFFC
Example: recent version
A table providing forecast stage heights for a number of locations for the next 5 days. This information is provided daily for these locations by around 11am.
* Daily Rainfall Reports (OSO) WMO Header: SXUS52 KFFC
Example: current version
The "Daily Rainfall Reports " product is a collective of 24-hour rainfall totals (ending at 7 am EST) reported by cooperative observers and automated stations. The reports are grouped by river basin. This product is issued between 9am and 10am daily.