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Web-only Products
Some of the products issued by the NWS Forecast Office in Peachtree City are available only via the world wide web.   The page below offers a brief explanation of each product, along with links to the pages containing the product.
* Graphical Forecasts Example: current product
This is a set of maps displaying detailed (high resolution) forecasts of weather elements for the next 7 days.
* Weather Activity Planner Example: current product
This is a query tool that allows you to plan a weather-sensitive activity by accessing the National Weather Service's high resolution National Digital Forecast Database (NDFD), and searching for the range of weather parameters applicable to a planned activity. The Weather Activity Planner provides forecast weather parameters at the nearest grid point requested.
* Precipitation Analysis Tool Example: current product
This is a tool for viewing maps of current or past precipitation amounts anywhere in the nation.