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Georgia Severe Weather Preparedness Week
February 7 - 11, 2022


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This year (2022), Georgia will recognize the week of February 7 - 11 as Severe Weather Preparedness Week. Severe weather is no stranger to the state. The past few years have brought a number of higher-impact severe weather events to the region, including the devastating EF-4 Newnan Tornado (March 25-26, 2021), and the major Easter 2020 Tornado Outbreak. You can read about a couple of these more notable events below:

As we approach what is typically the most active part of the year for severe weather, Severe Weather Preparedness Week provides an excellent opportunity to learn more about the dangers of severe weather, as well as knowing how and when to take proper actions when severe weather is expected and hits.  Please take the time now to review your home, school, or businesses preparedness plans. Each day is dedicated to a different topic that addresses severe weather preparedness. Throughout the week, the topics to be covered include:

An important aspect of severe weather warnings includes the information received from the public and spotters. Not only do timely and accurate storm reports help the National Weather Service to verify warnings, but they also help meteorologists better relate radar data with corresponding observed weather. If you observe hail (quarter sized or larger), strong/damaging winds, or a funnel cloud/tornado anywhere across north and central Georgia, please report it to the National Weather Service (Peachtree City/Atlanta Office) at 1-866-763-4466 or by using our online storm report form. To learn more about our local Skywarn spotter program, visit the Storm Spotter Information page.


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