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**  PLEASE NOTE:  NWS Hastings still considers it TOO EARLY this spring to issue official Frost Advisories/Freeze Warnings **
During a typical spring, we don't start issuing these products until at least late April/early May (once the growing season begins). However, if spring seems to be running a bit "ahead of schedule", we would consider starting a bit earlier than this. Stay tuned to this web page for the latest information regarding exactly when we will start issuing Advisories/Warnings this spring. 

General Overview of Local Spring Frost/Freeze Information: 
The mid-April through early-May time frame typically features the last occurrence of freezing temperatures and/or frost for the spring season within our 30-county coverage area of south central Nebraska and north central Kansas. Based on 30-year averages, the date of the AVERAGE last spring freeze (32°-or-colder) ranges from around April 17 in far southeastern local communities (such as Beloit KS), to around April 23-30 in the Tri Cities (Grand Island/Hastings/Kearney), to around May 5th in far northern and western communities such as Greeley, Gothenburg and Cambridge. HOWEVER, after viewing the maps and tables contained in this story, it should be readily apparent that the phrase "average last freeze date" is quite relative, as most sites exhibit a 6-9 week range between the earliest and latest last dates on record! 

Please refer to the wealth of information within the tabs below (including tables and maps of average last frost/freeze/hard freeze dates) to "stay on top of" the frost/freeze situation across the local area this spring. 

Looking Ahead: ** Any Sign of When the Last Spring 2021 Frost/Freeze Might Occur? ** 
(updated xxxx)

Needless to say, we are still MANY WEEKS away from being able to confidently determine whether we've likely seen the final frost/freeze of Spring 2021. Sometimes (although rarely) a freeze can occur as late as mid-late May! Whenever we (eventually) gain some confidence from forecast models that we have likely observed the last frost/freeze of Spring 2021 we will openly share those thoughts here, so please check back as spring rolls on. 

IN THE SHORTER TERM (next 7 days...through xx):  
- This section will start being updated in Spring 2021 (typically mid-late April at the earliest). 

Recapping Last Spring's (2019) Final Frost/Freeze:
Spring 2019: For the vast majority of the NWS Hastings coverage area, the last freeze (32º-or-colder) of spring 2019 was "near-normal" (occurring within 10 days of the 30-year average). More specifically, most places observed their last freeze during one of the following time frames: 1) On April 15...mainly far south/southeast counties (especially north central KS)...2) On May 2...including central locations such as Grand Island/Hastings...3) On May 10th/11th...including the majority of counties north/west of the Tri Cities. However, in terms of frost potential (36º-or-colder), most all areas (even southern local counties in KS) saw temps drop at least into the low-mid 30s as late as May 10th/11th, which is right on par with long-term averages. 





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