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What is the Cooperative Observing Program?

Cooperative Weather Stations


Fischer Porter rain gage                                  8 inch standard rain gage                                temperature sensor

FPR-D Rain Gage instructions              8-inch Standard Rain Gage (SRG)                  MMTS temperature sensor 




snow guide page 1           snow guide page 2

     Snow Guide pg1                     Snow Guide pg2


Snow Measurement Guidelines

Snow Measuring Video

Additional Snow Measuring Videos


weather coder


      WxCoder Instructions


Instructions for IV-ROCS

IV-ROCS version 2 additional instructions

IV-ROCS version 2 -- Missing Days Feature flow chart

IV-ROCS information page

NWS Coop Homepage

NWS Cooperative Observer Newsletter

COOP weather station data

Climate data online

How to fill out the B-91 form (example B-91 form)

Northern Indiana COOP Awards

Instructions for reading and setting Max/Min thermometers