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Arctic Cold Front to Bring Areas of Heavy Snow and Much Below Normal Temperatures to the Central U.S.

A strong cold front will sag south across the central U.S. today through this weekend with heavy snow and gusty winds from the northern Rockies into the central Plains, Great Lakes, and eventually the Northeast. Much below normal temperatures will spread across much of the northwest and north-central U.S. this weekend into next week. Heavy rain near the Gulf may bring flooding in the South. Read More >

Republic of Palau

Alii! You have reached the Republic of Palau...

The Republic of Palau is the westernmost jurisdiction in Micronesia, less than 500 miles from the Philippines. It consists of several hundred volcanic islands and a few coral atolls but only nine islands are inhabited, with a population of 19,409 people (est. 2002). The land area is 188 square miles. Palau, formerly the last of the U.S. Pacific Trust Territories, entered into a Compact of Free Association with the United States in October 1994, and is now an independent Republic. Palau's economy consists primarily of tourism, marine resources and agriculture.

Information adapted from Pacific Resources for Education and Learning (PREL).

Climate Information for Palau:

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