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Record High Temperatures Likely Across the Mid-Atlantic; Severe Weather in the Upper Midwest and Southwest

An intense heat wave will peak across the Mid-Atlantic and I-95 Urban Corridor this weekend. Record high temperatures are likely with widespread heat indices exceeding 100 degrees. In the Midwest, severe storms capable of producing strong winds, hail, a few tornadoes and heavy rain will be possible Saturday. Additionally, strong storms will also be possible Saturday in the Four Corners region. Read More >


 Tropical Activity
  Hurricane season runs from June 1st-November 30th. Be sure to check our site for the latest tropical information.
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Saffir-Simpson    Hurricane Wind Scale

Cat. Winds
TD < 39
TS 39-73
1 74-95
2 96-110
3 111-129
4 130-156
5 > 157

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This is a GOES or METEOSAT infrared satellite picture of a portion of the tropical Atlantic basin. If tropical systems develop, we will display a sector that focuses on the storm in either the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean Sea and western Atlantic, the northwestern Atlantic, or the eastern Atlantic.
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About the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale (pdf)

Saffir Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale Extended Table (pdf)

Tropical Cyclone Climatology
Tracking Map
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* Note: 1958-1994 for the Atlantic, Caribbean, and the Gulf of Mexico and 1988-1994 for the Eastern Pacific are scanned images of the printed reports.

Storm Reports

2015 Tropical Storm Erika August
2014 Hurricane Gonzalo October
2014 Tropical Storm Bertha August
2013 Tropical Storm Chantal July


Tropical Storm Isaac (English)


2011 Tropical Storm Maria September
2011 Tropical Storm/Hurricane Irene August
2011 Tropical Storm Emily July
2009 Tropical Storm Erika September
2007 Sub-Tropical Storm Olga December
2004 Jeanne September
2000 Debby August
1999 Lenny November
1999 Jose October
1998 Georges September
1996 Hortense September