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La Niña Expected to Continue through Most of the Upcoming Winter

The outlook from the Climate Prediction Center for the upcoming winter of 2022-23 is saying that La Niña conditions are expected to continue through most of the winter, then slowly subside with better chances for neutral conditions by next Spring. During the winter, La Niña typically brings above-average precipitation and colder-than-average temperatures along the northern tier of the U.S., along with below-average precipitation and above-average temperatures across the South. However, other climate patterns, such as the Madden-Julian Oscillation and Arctic Oscillation (AO), can also play a role in determining winter weather. For example, the AO influences the number of arctic air masses that intrude into the U.S., but its predictability is limited to a couple of weeks.
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Typical Wintertime Pattern during El Niño
      Typical Wintertime Pattern during La Niña