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Expanding Heat Wave; Heavy Rainfall Across the Upper Midwest and Gulf Coast; Snow for the Northern Rockies; Critical Fire Weather for Southwest

Diverse pattern across the country with accumulating heavy wet snow across the northern Rockies into the new week. Meanwhile, deep tropical moisture is expected to move ashore across the Gulf Coast States with the threat of heavy rainfall. This threat extends into the upper Midwest where flash flooding and a few severe storms. In addition, a heat wave is building from the Plains into Northeast. Read More >

 Beaufort Wind Scale
#  MPH  Knots Description Specifications
0 < 1 < 1 Calm Smoke rises vertically.
1 1-3 1-3 Light Air Direction of wind shown by smoke drift but not by wind vanes.
2 4-7 4-6 Light Breeze Wind felt on face;
Leaves rustle; Wind vanes moved by wind
3 8-12 7-10 Gentle Breeze Leaves and small twigs in constant motion; Wind extends light flag.
4 13-18 11-16 Moderate Raises dust, loose paper; Small branches moved.
5 19-24 17-21 Fresh Small trees begin to sway; Crested wavelets form on inland waters.
6 25-31 22-27 Strong Large branches in motion; Whistling heard in telephone wires; Umbrellas
used with difficulty.
7 32-38 28-33 Near Gale Whole trees in motion; Inconvenience felt walking against the wind.
8 39-46 34-40 Gale Twigs break off trees; Wind generally impedes progress; Mobile homes
may shake.
9 47-54 41-47 Strong Gale Slight structural damage occurs; Mobile homes, sheds, roofs, lanais,
and RV's suffer minor damage.
10 55-63 48-55 Storm Small trees uprooted; Moderate damage occurs to mobile homes and RV's;
Brick and wood frame houses receive minor structural and roof damage;
Some signs blown down.
11 64-73 56-63 Violent Storm Moderate sized trees uprooted; Large branches snapped off trees;
Chimneys and road signs toppled; Significant mobile home damage;
Power lines downed.
12 74-95 64-83 Hurricane Category 1 Mobile homes overturned; Large trees and branches downed; Moderate
roof damage to wood and brick homes; Minor pier damage.