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Routine Products

Area Forecast Discussion - Reasoning behind forecast decisions

Zone Forecast - 7-day forecast over county and sub-county areas

Nearshore Marine Forecast - (Seasonal) 48-hour forecast of marine conditions within 5 nautical miles of shore

Fire Weather Planning Forecast - (Seasonal) 7-day forecast tailored to land managment fire pre-suppression planning

Spot Fire Weather Forecast - (As Needed)

Hazardous Weather Outlook - Short narrative of weather conditions which would be hazardous to public and marine interests

Minnesota State Forecast - Forecast narrative for entire state of Minnesota, less specific than the Zone Forecast

Wisconsin State Forecast - Forecast narrative for entire state of Wisconsin, less specific than the Zone Forecast

Surf Zone Forecast(Seasonal)

Aerodrome Forecast: BRD DLH HIB HYR INL


River and Stream Observations and Forecast - (Seasonal)

CO-OP Reports


Hazardous/Severe Weather Products

Summer/Winter Products

Hazardous Weather Outlook

Winter Weather Watch / Warning / Advisory

Severe Thunderstorm Warning

Tornado Warning

Severe Weather Statement - Severe thunderstorm and Tornado warning follow-up message

Special Weather Statement - Mutli-hazard product which does not meet criteria for other hazard messages.

Non-Precipitation Watch / Warning / Advisory

Severe Weather Watch Notification


Local Storm Report

Public Information Statement


Flood Products

Flash Flood Warning

Flash Flood Statement - Follow-up to Flash Flood Warning

Flood Watch - Flash, Areal, or River Forecast Point Flood Watch

Flood Warning - Areal Flood Warning or Flood Warning for River Forecast Point

Flood Statement - Follow-up to Areal or River Forecast Point Flood Warning and Areal or River Forecast Point Flood Advisories

Flood Potential (Hydrologic) Outlook


Marine Products

Hazardous Weather Outlook

Marine Weather Message

Marine Weather Statement - Marine hazards not covered by other products and follow-up to Special Marine Warnings

Special Marine Warning

Beach Hazards Statement


climate reports

Regional Temperature and Precipitation

Daily Climate Report: Duluth | International Falls

Record Event Report: Duluth | International Falls

Preliminary Monthly Climate Report: Duluth | International Falls

Monthly Climate Report: Duluth | International Falls

Seasonal Climate Report: Duluth | International Falls

Annual Climate Report: Duluth | International Falls