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Heavy Rain in Florida; Dry, Windy Conditions in the Central Rockies

Increased thunderstorm activity and locally heavy rainfall may produce flooding in Florida. Locally heavy rain is also possible near the Upper Great Lakes, Great Basin and New Mexico into west Texas. Heavy snow is expected in the central and southern Sierra Nevada. A dry and windy air mass will bring critical fire weather conditions to parts of the eastern Great Basin and central Rockies. Read More >

NWS GSP Office Staff



  • Steve Wilkinson, Meteorologist in Charge (MIC)
  • Trisha Palmer, Warning Coordination Meteorologist (WCM)
  • Dr. William Martin, Science and Operations Officer (SOO)
  • Joe Figueiredo, Electronics Systems Analyst (ESA)
  • Betty Swanson, Administrative Support Assistant (ASA)


Program Leaders

  • Joshua Palmer, Senior Service Hydrologist (SSH)
  • Chris Horne, Observing Program Leader (OPL)
  • Vacant, Information Technology Officer (ITO)


Lead Meteorologists

  • Rodney Hinson (WSR-88D Focal Point, NWSEO Steward)
  • Harry Gerapetritis (GFE Focal Point)
  • Pat Moore (Winter Weather Focal Point)
  • Justin Lane (Severe Weather, Storm Data/Verification, and GIS Focal Point, Webmaster, IMET(trainee), DSS Team)
  • Jake Wimberley (AWIPS Focal Point, Decision Support Services Team Leader)



  • Andrew Kimball (Aviation and Gridded Verification Focal Point)
  • Scott Krentz (Fire Weather Focal Point, Station Librarian)
  • Jeffrey Taylor (Climatology, Satellite, and Diversity/EEO Focal Point)
  • Clay Chaney (Social Media Focal Point, Tropical Weather Focal Point, DSS Team)
  • Ashley Rehnberg (Integrated Warning Team Focal Point, Social Science Team Lead, Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador Program Leader, DSS Team)
  • Mike Rehnberg (Ensemble Team Lead, DSS Team, Social Science Team)
  • Christiaan P. (DSS Team, Social Science Team)
  • Thomas Winesett (DSS Team)


Hydro Meteorological Technician

  • Doug Outlaw (Observations, Asst. Safety and Health, Coop QC & Supplies)


Electronics Technicians

  • Jason Morris
  • David Contreras


Maintenance and Facilities

  • Brian Campbell, Regional Maintenance Specialist
  • John Clark, Facilities Engineering Technician